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What did they look like when they lived?


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Thank you all peolpe - you too Rubacava!


Frenkiee: try to copy the image link and paste it on another window to see if that fix the problem. I can see it anyway.


Stewlil: "... these rock, do chowchillla charlie!!"


Ooo! A request! No. I mean ... Here's anyway:




Raoul the waiter:




I think this is the more fun of it. Every character has its own personality so every one of them can have its own look. They don't need to look like any other.


Guadalupe. She's in charge of the wardrobe:




Isn't she cute?!!


I'm still not convinced about Manny. I guess it is because he's the main character:



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Awesome again! You capture the characters' personalities exactly as they are. Of these newer pictures, I love Celso, Charlie, and Lupe (she's so cute I want to eat her!) the best. They are really well drawn. Raoul looks maybe a little less snobby than I would have expected, but he's good too.


Heh, you've soon done the entire cast! :) Are you planning on trying Membrillo as well?

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I think nice is a bit weak.. they're friggin' MINT!


yeah well, you know what I mean. There wicked.


Anyways awesome job on your Hector drawing dude! That looks more like Hector than your last drawing, seeing as hes an evil character and hes looks vicious in the drawing. Also that drawing of Raoul is very awesome, he looks almost exactly what his skeleton did in the game. Just throwing some more ideas now, you could try the Gatekeeper in Year 4 or Maximino. Keep up the good work man!!!!

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Thanks again, everybody!


Originally Posted by 20fox05: What about Chepito and Velasco?

Well then, Chepito:



and Velasco:



"... you could try the Gatekeeper", said Achrono.




And Bowlsey as a bonus:



A couple of my requests:

Does anybody remember what poem says Manny on the Blue Casket?


And where can I get pics from Slisko, Alexi and Gunnar faces?


I always liked this scene:


"Manuel Calavera: So what did you think of my poem?

Slisko: I liked it. It was sad and beautiful, like my mother.

Alexi: I despised it. It was too short and said nothing to me, like my father.

Gunnar: I had no feelings about it. It was aloof and licked itself too much, like my cat, Mr. Trotsky."

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I'm not sure what poem you mean, elbiolin. Manny can say any kind of poem at the club, depending on the player's choices. Maybe you mean Olivia?


The pictures are again fabulous! I'm especially impressed by Velasco because just yesterday I was wondering what you'd do with him, you exceeded all my expectations. He really looks like a hardened seadog! The gatekeeper looks frightening, and I think you captures his idea very well. Same for Bowlsley!


Have you any ideas for Eva? I think she's the most important character you haven't done yet. Toto would be nice too.


As for the pictures about the beatniks, I'm sure I've seen good pics of their faces somewhere. It was a lineup of all beatniks, I think, but I can't find it anymore. I can only offer this, and it's not very good.


El Virus, I actually get some Salvador vibes from that picture. They both have a noble aura around them.

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Well, I can agree, El Virus.

There's a resemblance between Byron and Salvador.

Makes me think about why I exaggerate so much their traits. I guess it's good to explicit their personalities through their appearance on a first sight.


So Manny can say random poem lines but the same ones that Olivia says, right VampireNaomi?

Refresh my memory because I really can't remember. My confusion was because of that scene in wich Manny asks for an opinion to the anarchists about his poem.

Then HIS poem wouldn't be HIS but HERS, wouldn't it?


Also, there's a good line-up from the anarchists on the PC Gamer scans at DOD site.

The thing is - and that's why of my request - I can't tell one from another.

Who's Slisko, who's Gunnar and who's Alexi?


Anyway, Eva with a mirror at her back:



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Wow! I love that Eva! That's honestly one of your best ones, and the mirror in the background was a really clever idea.


When Manny reads poems in the Blue Casket, the player can choose the lines. They aren't from any of Olivia's poems, but if you keep asking her to read hers, she will eventually steal Manny's poem. When he complains about that, she just says it's an homage. You can see the entire thing


I can't remember which of the beatniks is which, but someone who has a safe game around there could check it from the dialogue transcript. We could also wait for Shuz to show up and shed light on this. He's a fan of the beatniks, I think.

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