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What did they look like when they lived?


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Almost there.

I'm a little worried about the color schemes so I'm posting some samples.

Wich one do you prefer?





Yellow sepia:



Orange-red sepia:



Red sepia:



Brown sepia:




I like the orange-red sepia but that's my preference.

I'm thinking on sending the finished Ad to Tim Schafer but I don't know if he would accept it.


Wondering what the text says?

Something as follows - in spanish, obviously:


"Kids! It's time for BIG FANDANGO


Yes, little ones! It's the new game

from the creator of Full Throttle,

Tim Schafer!!!


What's happening

in the spooky



Find out in




WackyArts - Wacky for WackyArts


Just $39.90"

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I like them all, but my favourites are the first and the last. The first one has a great colourful atmosphere and the last one looks like a real classic. The second one isn't bad either, and makes me think of lemons.


But above all, I like your idea of making up a similar game set in the Land of the Living and then making the ads as if you're marketing it to the dead. :D

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I'd much rather have a skeleton than a game but that might just be me.


I actually like the first one the best. It seems more like how a cheesyish commercial would be toned. The green-toned one gives off a weird air...as if I'm not suppoused to know what is going on. The orange red looks very nice but gives off this very mellow tone which conflicts with the skeleton's expression. At the same time....he is a skeleton so it sort of works. The red-speia has a little more "power" behind it but the skeleton's suit is too bright and makes that the main focus. The brown sepia is nice but makes me think of old times and not advertisements which try to be colorful and attention-grabbing.


My two cents

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Wauw... I think it's a couple of years, since I was here last. So hello, again :p

Anyway, I love those drawings. They're truely amazing! By the way, I like the first one in color. I think it's looking like an advertisement for a cartoon-movie. I think that the colors, maybe are the the reason for that :)

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