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West Coast Clans Recruiting?


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My game name is Back Irie, and I am pretty damn good at this game. I have played it more than most people since it's release, and in order to keep me interested in continuing to be "good" at this game and play a lot, I am going to need to find a clan.


Is there anyone out there that would be willing to recruit a west coast (us) game that is experienced in online gaming, clan play, and teamwork?


I woudl be an asset to any clan, but on the contrary I want to make sure that the clan I join is right for me to.


You have to have a sense of humor, and you have to be mostly adults, or some mature teens... I am not all about the uber l337 r0x0r stuff. I want a fun environment and to make some friends. There are no buddy lists yet in this game so making friends is kind of hard at this point....



Maybe I will just have to wait longer, but please get back to me if your clan is recruiting, and is in need of a pretty damn good swbf player....






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