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[506th] Stormtrooper Regiment

Darth Flynn

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the 506th Stormtrooper Regiment is a new clan that has just expanded out of Day of Defeat into the Star Wars Battlefront game. We are very experienced gamers and will teach you many things.


We are openly recruiting at the time and will take any mature and fun fighters as we can find.


To enlist goto http://www.506th-str.tk


Like I said we're openly recruiting (IE not hard to get in) the only catch is we're not taking fighters that can't put up.


There will be a 2 week recruit observation time but don't get discouraged...we're just watching to see if there are any problems.


So with that said, I hope to see you there!

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Bump. We are still looking for members and we have purchased a TS clan server for voice communication. We have just ordered a dedicated server and we are waiting for it to be set up....


Please enlist if you are a serious gamer that wants to have some fun, and partake in organized play.


Use the link above and apply in the application section.



Back Irie

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  • 2 weeks later...

506th server is up!!!



already known for great international ping!!


Come play and have some fun!


name is:





Filter your servers, with the in-game browser, alphabetically and it will be at or near the top of the list. CANT MISS IT.


Please come and have some fun. Also we will be using that server for scrimming so if you wanna scrim us we got the best place for it!


So if you wanna scrim or just have some fun come GIT R DUN!!


[506th] Ghoster

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