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Why Didnt They Include Jedi Knights As A Class


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Pebbles sounds like one of the many people from SWG who complained about the lack of Jedi in the game.


Now SWG is Jedi wars and is a total grind-fest game.

One of the 1000's of reasons I quit SWG.


Battlefront is the first game in a long time that you can play everything but Jedi, and I am thankful for that.


Just my 2 pennies.

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I'm glad that lucasarts is starting to put out more games that aren't Jedi focused (Republic Commando is another upcoming title that has no playable Jedi).


Don't get me wrong, I do love all the Jedi stuff. I belonged to a Jedi clan in Jedi Academy and Jedi Outcast. But there is more to Star Wars than Jedi Knights. Especially in the later years. In episode 4, 5, and 6, amongst the combined billions that were in the Empire and Rebellion, how many were Jedi? Four...only four (Obi-wan, Yoda, Luke, and Vader). My point is that there was a hell of a lot more to the star wars universe than Jedi. Much more and I am glad that is being focues on more! :)

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Originally posted by [iLB]Pebbles

I am a little dissapointed they did not include a Jedi Class for playing the game. Reason why to play a Star Wars Type game is to play with Jedi Powers against other Jedi and none Jedi in battle. You take this away, it is just like any other FPS with the background of Star Wars.


I know some are going to say, JA or JO, but this is the battle field with the Clone wars there were both troops and Jedi.


The other thing I really hate is you can not kill Hero Bots in the game. I shot damn Lord Dukoo a 1000 times with an Anti-Aircraft Battery ( pointed to the ground) but the bot just fell to the ground and got up. What is up with that.


there is something like a signature in your profile (USERCP), put your advertisement info there ~Alegis





This game was meant for PURE, 100% LASER BOLY ACTION, GOT IT?

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One of the main reasons I am playing this game and not SWG or JA or JO or the rest is because it doesn't have jedi! (Ok it has hero's but not when I turn em off).


Jedi are a miniscule part of the SW Universe, the other posters are right, as in the films and the EU jedi are 1:millions/billions not 1:10 or even 1:20.


I'm not saying if you want jedi go play JA (specifically), but please if you want jedi go play a game that concentrates on jedi.


I'm an old school SW game player, and in my opinion barring jedi knight (DF2), the best SW games ever released by lucasarts didn't have jedi in them. (X-wing, TIE Fighter and their descendants and Dark forces).

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Originally posted by [iLB]Pebbles

Well then, why include them at all with Hero Bots, they take out whole squads by themselves. Jed only have an advantage if they use the right force ability at the right time. ( if the player is made properly). Jedi got shot in the movies by Battle droids, so Jedi are not invicible.



Jedi got shot in the movies because they were just apprentices, or overpowered. Not even a Jedi can stand up against thousands of Droidekas, Battle Droids, or Super Battle Droids. Jedi are tiring. I bought Star Wars: Battlefront to play as a soldier, not some idiot waving a glowing sword that can kill so easily. Plus, this idiot would have Force Powers.


Jedi, Dark Jedi, and Sith are sickening in games now!! The stupid honor system ruined it!! Star Wars guns are cool too!! The were underpowered in JO/JA, but in SWBF, the guns are just right!!



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I don't really want to get into this argument. It's happened enough times b4 the game came out. Anyway, this IS a grunt game. Not only would jedi break balance and a whole other stuff, you have to look at it movie-wise. It took YEARS of training to become a jedi, and only through this training could you become a true jedi. Now, if Lucas would of put Jedi in this game, it would have been saying "Well, these jedi are so easy to become, we should just let everyone become one, so we can have a huge battle to see who can hit the attack button the fastest". That is pretty much what it is. Now, say this is in the future, and we have virtual reality, I'd say that they would have to go through some in-game SUPER INTENCE TRAINING, b4 they were able to become jedi. And wehn we went to battle, you woudn't auto block, or be able to heal as soon as your hit(which is what the jedi heroes do). You'd have to rely on your own skill as a jedi. That's the ionly way it coulkd be made fair, i think! :D

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look at SWG as a perfect example as to why Jedi should not be included..


SWG at first was suppose to be about the galactic civil war and instead as turned into the Galactic jedi war..


its kindof funny that SW:BF has gotten the galactic Civil war more correct than SWG..

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oh lol this is hilarious!

but im not sure if hes serious or not? lol


i want jedi, wah wah wah mommy it has no jedi boo for you.


People have been crying out foir a game where you play just a regular old soldier.


Yes there were jedi in the clone wars battle, the battle on genosis isnt the only battkle that happens in the clone wars, the jedi were there to rescue anakin and obi wan and stop dooku.


There are battles going on all the time with out the jedi, onlty a small fraction of the battles would have involved jedi

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Space Battles. I know there are games which have this already, but those games don't have the game play (graphics and sound) like this one.


Just imagine battling on a ship then jumping into a vehicle to fight the opposing force in space.


What do you guys think?

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I haven't read through all the posts in the thread, but in response to the whining of "it would be overpowered" Why not balance it? They're one hit kill weapon is for point blank range, and only making the jedi block a portion of the shots fired at him, as well as removing force powers AKA the hero bots with less deflection) And of course with a reasonable ammount of health, would be balanced. Without force jump, push, or any way to kill something 4 feet away, I think it would be all right. Plus, taking away their ability to deflect vehicle shots and explosives completely.


AKA a jedi that is balanced, and can make an augmentation to the clone troopers, which is more movie like. I know people bought the game to be a grunt, but we will see jedi mods eventually, so if you just want to be a grunt, then select a grunt class, or just don't get the mod.

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Yeah really, c'mon if you all want to play as a Jedi so bad, go out and play the gazillion jedi based star wars games that are already out. Let us have a few FPS Star Wars games that aren't Jedi based for a change. If you aren't happy with the dark forces/Jedi Knight games, the upcoming Ep III game is also going to be Jedi based too. Are you all not going to be happy until EVERY single first person shooter style star wars game is jedi based?


So are you all gonna bitch when Republic Commando comes out because you want jedi in that one too. I can just see it now, "How come this squad based shooter doesn't have any Jedi in it?" Sigh......

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It was already stated that "go play (Insert game title here)" was not a valid response, basically, the only real point there is against it is that you be a grunt. I think that jedi should be playable, but no stronger than a grunt (As far as balance goes) and LIMITED. AKA, the character with the highest score from one game (Deaths subracted from kills, CP counts for 5 kills or something.) get's to play a jedi in the next round, but reguardless of his score, after the jedi round, he has to be a grunt again.


But still, while it may be a game where you are supopsed to be a grunt, jedi academy is a game where you are supposed to be a jedi, and we see a successful mod (Actually a few) that have jedi with several other classes, as well as being balanced about it.


so as far as I see it, jedi should not be playable in the original game, because it was meant for you to play a grunt.


However, there is nothing wrong with a jedi-playable mod if they do it right.

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This topic is STUPID. NO JEDI.


Hmm... Jedi?



But I want to be a jedi.

Well, first let me say NO. No jedi.


Why aren't there jedi?

Hmm... Let me think about--NO!!!



NO. No Jedi. In this game. no jedi.


That's the point

To not have jedi.

There are no jedi

that's why this game exists.

And that's why this game isn't Jedi Academy.

Do you understand?


NO. No jedi.


But what if they balance them?


Well, that's a good point but NO!! No jedi.


Do you see the pattern here?


If they aren't overpowered then...

A: Then whats the point of being a jedi?

B. NO.



Just take your I want to be a jedi whining elsewhere. Go to Star Wars Galaxies, the Jedi wannabes already won that battle.


THIS game is about NOT JEDI. That's the whole point.


So shut up.


No Jedi.



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