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A clan seeker


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I am looking for a clan to join. However, I have some requirements. So don't go saying "Join us!!" Without reading the rest of this.


1. Not based on dark force users only. I will accept a mixed clan or Light Force power user clans.


2. ON that you don't need exceptional warrior skills to join. I am not a great fighter myself. I'm more of a 'great guy to be with' kind of person. I also have a vast knowledge of star wars (If some of you clans have lessons that you teach new clan members, you've got a teacher :p )


3. A clan that is well-mannered. I don't want to be in a clan of newbs, going on unnecassary killing sprees.


4. I don't want to join a clan that is just starting or is so huge I will never get noticed. It has to be of medium size or medium-small.


There you have it.


By the way, I play maps of all kinds. (Particulary ones with fighter craft in them. I am a exceptional pilot :) )


I didn't read anything about not stating that your looking for a clan here, so sorry if I missed something.

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