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Game Server Stats & Status Downloads


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Here is a list of available scripts for Status of game servers and stats.



SWBF Server Status PHP - Ver. 1.3 for Dedicated server 1.1



Linux SWBF Server Status CGI



Linux SWBF Server Status PHP



WinBlows SWBF Server Status PHP



Linux SWBF Server Stats



PHP SWBF Server Stats



All patches for SWBF Stats and Status will be located on



SWBF PHP Stats Patch v 1.2.1 released: 25-Oct-2004

Fixes issues with admin login




SWBF PHP Stats Patch 0.1 was released: 21-Oct-2004

Minor fix for the admin login.. there was an issue the password field


SWBF PHP Stats getstats.php was released: 19-Oct-2004

This is a minor patch to fix the issue of multiple entries in the database for a single users for a single map.

It should also fix the issue of the wrong team showing up for a specified player




Server Status PHP



Update for KaeseGewitter status script:



I will keep adding to this post when more software comes available.

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How are you doing the stats I haven't seen anythign useful in either log files to make stats on? Are you just polling the server like every 30 seconds and getting the updated kills that way? Curious as I want to make a stats program for my server.



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Due to a little test on my server the php version of the stats will not be released this week. Due to the lack of intrest in the server over the weekend I could not get enough people on at one time to get the system stable. I should be working on it the rest of this week and next weekend so hopefully by the following week I should have a release.


Sorry guys.


If you are curious on what test I ran this weekend please see this post:


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Ok thanks to not having the tps set above the default limit.

I actually had people on the server for the past 3 hours.

So I actually go some testing done on the SWBF Server Stats PHP Version.


It looks like all the bugs are out of the system but I want to run it one more day to make sure. This will also give me time to clean up my code and add some comments. I should be able to release it on Thursday.


If you want to check out the progress then go here


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currently yes..


I play on modify it to work with just about any db..


But I just wanted to get a working copy of the php stats out asap. The next port will work with postgres..


I will probabaly not add much WinBlows support to it unless there is a call for it. Seeing most of the admin here want a Linux port of the server I figure I am some what safe setting up for just that.

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Yeah, prolly the best (and safest) route.

Shame, I'll have to dust off the old linux machine and fire her up.... I'm running the dedicated server on one of my own desktop machines, plus abyss web server, and a cut down winblows php.... I tried installing mysql and it wasnt best happy!!! LOL!... But I noticed that each time I ran the php (or left it on 60 seconds refresh) while i was playing it'd get a brief network flash up).... poxy windows.


But hey ho, its manageable... and only an iccle server... but at least its one I can guarantee is up :) muhhaah the control!!


But thanks again for all the hard work :)

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Does the stat page keep a rolling score (all games played).


or does it just display the current game?


I want to use this in a closed lan party.. and SQL is to pricy to put on a closed server. Any plans on adding a file based database?


We will prolly be running it on a 2003 web server. (what the school has). Will that be a problem.

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The stats keep a total for all games not just the currently active one. The DB is MySQL of which is free. It will run on both windows and Linux.


I have to double check on the php stats system to make sure it will function on a Winblows box. Due to I do not run any winblows web servers. But if for some reason it does not I will just modify the Winblows php status script to work with the stats system.


I nomally do not due much development for winblows but I have had to make some sacrifices due to the lack of linux server files.


If they release a true log system that will be able to be parsed easily I could make a flat file system but as the server currently stats I do not have any plans of making a flat file stats system.

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I got a message asking how to setup the cron on WinBlows.


Ok so here is what you will have to do if you want to try the php stats on Winblows.


Create a .bat or .cmd file depending on your OS.. Most of you will be able to use .cmd file without any issue... If you are using 2000 or 2003.


Here is example 1 of the cmd file.

If you can run php scripts from the command line anywhere on your server this will work for you.




php -q /path/to/file/getstats.php




If you can not run php scripts from the command without the php files being located in the PHP directory then use this file.


Make sure that you copy the getstats.php file to your php directory.




cd \

cd php

php -q getstats.php





Now that you have your getstats.cmd file you can create your scheduled task.


click start->programs->accessories->system tools->scheduled tasks


click on add task

click next then click on browse.

Browse to where you saved your getstats.cmd file

Select Daily

Set the start time and date (Use the default)

If your user has admin rights of which it should then just use your user info in the next window or fill in the admin info.

Select "Open Advanced options"


Select the schedule tab -> advanced button


Check the repeat tack box


Set Every to what ever you want.. I currently have the cron to run every minute. I would not go less then that though.



In the duration hours box set it to 24.


This will allow the task to run every minute for 24 hours straight.


Then just hit ok on both winblows and then you are set.



Now again I have not tested this script on any WinBlows boxes.. So if you have issues let me know.

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There is a small patch for the SWBF PHP Stats. And also instructions on how if you would like to set it up for WinBlows.


All info can be found here: http://www.apocalypce.net...


And just an FYI for everyone all updates and patches will be available for download off of apocalypce..


I will keep everyone posted on an patches or upgrades that become available.

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If you go to the includes folder and open functions.php. Find the function that says Footing.


You will see a line like this:


print"<td align='center'>$back Ver $ver<bR> &copy <a href='http://www.apocalypce.net' target='blank'>-=DOA=- / -=SLOA=- $year</a><br></td>\n";


before the closing </td> put this in:


<a href='http://yourdomain.com'>Back to main site</a>


you can modify that link to what ever fits for you.


This will put the link at the bottom of the page on both the main listing and also the details.

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ok i tried to install the server stats.php

and have trouble with sql


this is what i get



SQL-query :



------------------------------------------------------- --





MySQL said:



#1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '---------------------------------------------------------



can you please help?? sorry.

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