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Farewell to a Legend


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I saw this on the Ministry forums before seeing it here, and I am still sad.


Worst thing I heard all day still.


I loved him in Easy Money , and Back To School. I have quoted him endlessly. Where do you think THIS quote comes from?!:


"If I really want to impress a girl, I tell her a joke, then I give her $100"


Brilliant material.


Rest in peace Rodney, you shall never be forgotten. :(

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Sad Day indeed.... RIP....


"Heh nice dress...... if it had pockets you'd look just like a pool table......"


"My ex Girlfriend called me up the other day and told me to come over--- that noone was home... I went over there and she was right....there was nobody home..."


Hey here's a pen... " WAIT I KNOW YOU... YOURE TALL N FAT!!!"

and your short n ugly gimme the pen back....


two words... TRIPLE LINDEY!!!!


he ranks up with Sam Kinnison as being one of the greatest--You guys know next up on the list is Richard Pryor :(

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It's very, VERY sad to hear this.


"The doctors told my mother when I was born 'We're sorry, we did all we could, but he still pulled through'"


RIP, Rodney.



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