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Who is the best pilot?  

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  1. 1. Who is the best pilot?

    • Anakin Skywalker
    • Luke Skywalker
    • Han Solo
    • Wedge Antilles
    • Baron Soontir Fel
    • Anakin Solo
    • Corran Horn
    • Wes Janson
    • Tycho Celchu
    • Kell Tainer

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Originally posted by Lord Haine

Still not sure what you mean.

Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak

He is most likely referring to Luke Skywalker, and how he has the Force to help him pilot...

Yup; Wedge doesn't need the force to make him better than everyone else. He got there by long experience. Wedge > Luke. :)
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oh cool, a(nother) best pilot thread.




well, Jaina is awesome, but I think Wedge or Fel could outfly her easily.

yeah, definitely. Jaina admitted so herself in the NJO series. hell, even Jagged Fel could apparently outfly her easily. i'd shudder to think at what wedge & fel sr. might do to her in combat.




Nonetheless, I think Wedge and Soontir are very close in talent, but I'm still gonna go with Wedge.

mmhmm. good point. hard to compare their talent levels... but i think wedge has gotten soontir beat when it comes to strategic & tactical ability. i mean, seriously, have you SEEN the sort of stuff wedge's done? the guy was the mastermind behind the ground operation which took over Coruscant, not to mention the Yuuzhan Vong's greatest defeat after the fall of Coruscant. It this is not just when he's behind the stick of a snubfighter, either... he's pretty lethal when on a capital ship bridge, too. i don't think baron fel can compare in this regard.

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