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Help, Help, Please Help!!!


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I have the monkey madness version on this computer, but I have it uploaded into a certain file, like this...


C:\program files\lucasarts>


Curse Demo


Revenge Demo


Secret Demo


C:\program files\lucasarts\secret>











Track 1.ogg

Track 2.ogg

Track 3.ogg

Track 4.ogg

Track 5.ogg

Track 6.ogg

Etc. etc. etc...



I am running ScummVM 0.6.1, the latest stable build, and the on-line readme states that all ScummVM versions over 0.3 support ogg vorbis. Also, it is ogg vorbis at quality 5, made with oggxpd,

The XP drop window, the files seem to play in winAMP, but not here, are they named incorrectly or something? Do they need to be Track1, without the space, or Track01, Track 01, still cannot figure it out.

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Read the ScummVM readme, it tells all.


Use OggEnc or some other vorbis encoder to encode the audio tracks to files. Name the files track1.ogg track2.ogg etc. ScummVM must be compiled with vorbis support to use this option. You'll need to rip the files from the CD as a WAV file, then encode the vorbis files. This can be done with the following oggenc command line with the value after q specifying the desired quality from 0 to 10:


oggenc -q 5 track1.wav

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Actually, I google for hours till I found a very simple OGG compressor, it was called OggDropXPd, all I did was opened it, and chose quality as 5, then drag-n-droped the files into the interface. Also, if you have windows, you can find a very simple dos-based wma to wav converter, in the downloads search at microsoft.com. In fact, it may seem like alot, but if you are like me, and you have all of the MI songs in lossless WMA anyway...


OK, here's the deal, if you have windows 2000 with service pack 2, or XP [any version], and Windows Media Player 9.x or 10.x.


Also, I have taken the liberty of providing a link for the programs that I have found both easy and reliable. WMA to Wav converter



Here is how you do this.


Insert the SMI or Monkey Madness CD into your CD-ROM drive, and open up Windows Media Player, go to tools>options>copy music>format, and select Windows Media Audio Lossless. Now go to Copy from CD. Click burn and make sure that you say NO to the copyright notice, otherwise this WILL NOT WORK.


Once you have imported(ripped) all of the songs in WMA lossles format, open the WMA to WAV program, for those of you who don't know much about dos based programs, go to run and type command. The DOS interface will POP-UP, and it will have a directory [usually C:\documents and settings\owner>] put all of the UNZIPPED converter files in THIS directory. Now, in the command window type"wma2pcm <C:\documents and settings\owner\my documents\my music\monkey(or whatever the file is where the WMA's are)> <C:\documents and settings\owner\my documents\my music\monkey1(or any empty file)>" without the quotes. DO NOT TYPE "-ext" following this prompt.


After about a minute, open the newly created folder containing the .WAV files. Open OggDropXPd and drag the files in. Now move them to the directory where your game is.


Make sure that they are labeled Track1.ogg Track2.ogg etc... DON'T PUT SPACES.

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MD, thanks for the very thorough explination! I'll try that out and see how it works.


I'm also trying to get MI2 to work with the ogg files from Soundfont to work in the game. We'll see how that works. I'm guessing you just put the ogg files in the same directory as your MI2 files and run it.

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Ok, i ripped all of the tracks from the monkey madness cd, and it works. I'm actually using mp3's for the tracks and it works great. It plays the tracks in MI with scummVM, but they're all out of order. Plus for some reason it doesn't play any track when I go to the scumm bar.


Guess I just have to manually change the track names until it matches to the right spot in the game. If I'm right, the first track is number 17. That's the one that it plays on my computer first.


There's got to be a better way!

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I got it to work!!! MI works beautifully on my hd. That is strange, I tried it your way and it worked fine. I think for scummVM to recognize the file names in the right order they have to be OGG files. As long as they're ogg's the track names stay the same as they are on the cd, and somehow it knows which one's to play when.


When I ripped them as mp3's it ran it, but all out of order. With scummVM .7 be sure that they're ogg's.


Still no luck on MI2 w/ ogg's. I'll keep trying.

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