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What would you like to see in an expansion pack?


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If we were to push for an expansion pack, what would you like to see?


More maps! Some being extremely large maps which can make full use of vehicles. Certain maps are great as high action fragfests, but we need some maps where strategy can be applied. Use the Republic Gunships to carry and drop troops to a distant location. I would like to see some space maps where you can fly your star fighters around but also board Star Ships and battle in the corridors and such.


Add at least one new unit per faction. For the Droids, I dunno what I would add. A cheap infantry soldier that looks like the regular battle droids? For the rebels, there is a lot of opportunity here. How about a rebel officer? When he's in range of rebel troops, he slightly boosts their stats. Same for Imperial. An Imperial officer can boosts stats of any troops within a certain distance. For the republic, a red ARC trooper with dual pistols. (now where did I get that idea from?)


New Game Styles I would like to see some Assault (UT) like game styles which would likely need their own maps. Or even a push concept that would concentrate the battle at one spawn point rather than have to worry about all spawn points.


New Factions If we had two new factions what would they be? One from the Vader days and one from the old Republic days. For the Vader days, the Hutt faction might be interesting. For the old republic days, I dunno. Gungans? (shiver). We'll think of something.



I would like to suggest a fully configuration game setup. Increase the amount of tickets, configure the ratio, and as long as your computer can handle it, increase the amount of troops on the battle field. However, this needs to be a patch. Its something that should have come with the game in the first place.


In the mean time, any other ideas?

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EDITED: 31/10


Agreed, definatly more single player stuff.


More maps: I agree with more maps, they should expand on the existing planets but also they should put some more outragous planets in there too, like... Kessel, Coruscant (would be good for sniping). Maybe the Yavin Temple indoors and other canon planets mentioned like Dantooine, Korriban, Mon Calamari and Corellia for fans interested in the expanded universe. Depending on the new factions (if there are any) added would determine the maps (eg Pirate faction = Jabbas Palace map and maybe Ord Mantell). Definitly space maps too for large battles, units could even be shuttled to infiltrate and take over command ships (which could be used as command points), such as the Battle of Endor.


Also ability to choose time of day (dusk, dawn, day and night) and set weather conditions unique to that planet (eg falling snow on Rhen Var, dust storms on Tatooine, rain and crashing waves on Kamino. Weather Effects could also be set to affect units (or not depending on your preference) for example, units being washed away by waves on Kamino, or blown across the map by the Tatooine sandstorm, or poorer aim in Rhen Var snowstorms. Possibly partly destructable maps too, such as trees falling (killing those underneath) and destrucable walls (with constant heavy weapon fire). The maps should definatly be more interactive, since it introduces more conditional tactics to the situation (eg revealing "holed up" enemies, or using bad weather conditions to you advantage, like luring enemies into the bad weather)


New Units:

For each faction I would suggest at least one melee unit (to add variety). These units would be fast on their feet, jump higher and kill at the same rate as a heavy blaster). Other units could be (as suggested) a separate medic (that can heal troops and hand out ammo) and Engineer Unit (that can build droids/turrets and fix vehicles/droids/turrets) from pilots (who gain more manuverability in flight as their main perk).


For the CIS I'd suggest a General Grevious Guard as a melee unit, Geonosian and Neimoidian soldiers, perhaps a bounty hunter instant action character (could me one of many eg Cydon Prax, Durge, Jango Fett, Zam Wessel, Asaaj Ventress).


The Republic might get one of those Commando units in Republic Commando, maybe a Jedi "grunt" (since there are always a few on the front lines) as the melee unit. There could be a type of clone trooper unit an energy lance (seen used in the Clone Wars cartoons while on speeder bikes) as an alternative to jedi.


Rebels should have their units changed to more varied species (eg Sullustans, Bothans and Mon Calamari), unless new units utilise these species. Possibly a stealthy commando unit, such as a bothan spy as suggested, with a stun baton as a melee weapon.


The Empire could get a few more specialised troopers. These could be a Camo Trooper (like the Jedi Outcast "swamp trooper"), Imperial Officer (that boosts morale/skill as people have mentioned), Imperial Gunner (like those on the deathstar that specialise in heavy vehicular weaponry), or Imprial Navy (basically a lower rank officer, doing important jobs). One of these units could have the dark trooper's weapons, therefore man the darktrooper with the plasma cannon and rockets that it deserves. The Empire could have a Royal Guard with a echani (double sided sword ala Crimson Empire graphic novel) or force pike.


New Vehicles: They should give the AT-ST better weapons (grenades and whatnot. More rebel and imperial ships for definite:-



* B-wing

* Imperal Shuttle (Troop Carrier)

* Imperial Sentinel Shuttle (Vehicle Carrier)

* TIE Advanced X1 (Vader TIE)

* TIE Interceptor

* YT-1300 (Troop Carrier)

One change they could make is the droid fighter that turns into a walking fighter (such as seen in the first scenes of episode I). Other Clone Wars units could be:-

* AT-XT Walker (Clone Wars Game)

* GAT Tank

* The Carrier LAAT (can carry ATTEs)

* Dwarf Spider Droid


* V-19 Torrent (Clone wars cartoon fighter)


New Game Styles: They could do a unwinnable fight to the death mode, where a faction (such as the Rebels) are killed off, this would be a co-operative mode against bots (like in UT2004). Maybe have a few missions ala Rogue Squadron, protect missions (ie protecting important vehicles or units), basically missions with goals other than "wipe them out, all of them".


New Factions: They should definatly finish off the Naboo/Gungan Faction they had in game (maybe combining them into one) for a secret/unlockable faction instead of a serious one.


A Pirate/Hutt/BlackSun clan would be ace, with all the usual thugs and scum you see in games such as Jedi Knight (ie rodians, grans, trandoshan etc) with pirate vehicles and whatnot (such as T-wings, Z-95s and R-41s). This would be more of a neutral faction for those not wanting to be Rebel or Imperial.


If Lucasarts wanted to go all out, they could make the Old Republic and Sith factions as seen in Knights of the Old Republic (with their respective weapons/vehicles/maps etc) and really make it a fight across the ages...


New unlockables: Some maps should be unlockable, give you something to strive for. Maybe unlockable mini-games, like speeder racing courses, or unlockable units like ewoks and gungans (ie joke units).

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I agree that would be awesome. But if the droid Starfighter could turn into a walking vehicle it would own every land and air unit. They should make some water vehicles, so that troops making the beachhead on kasshyk docks could have some cover fire. They need more units for the Factions too. A new faction would be cool too. A bigggggggg map would be cool too, it would give the Republic transports a real purpose besides air support. An RTS star wars game with graphics like SWBF would be cool, but you can't change a 1st-3rd person shooter into a RTS. Good thoughts. In a space map maybe it could be huge, with like Republic on Kamino and Sepratists on Genosis and make them have to fly transports between miles of space to get at each others CPs on the opposing planet, it would make for some awesome space battles, it would make it more vital that if you got to land your transports on the opposing factions planet you'd have to establish a foothold on the planet or go through space again. Same thing could be done for Rebels vs Empire. Again good thoughts.:D

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I wasn't saying change it into an RTS. I was saying add some RTS elements to it. Like you go into a command center and hit a button to build a large turret. After, say, 30 seconds, you can jump in the turret and help defend your base.


I was also thinking, add seige weapons! Like artillery and battering Rams to knock down walls and such.

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Originally posted by gonyjets

I wasn't saying change it into an RTS. I was saying add some RTS elements to it. Like you go into a command center and hit a button to build a large turret. After, say, 30 seconds, you can jump in the turret and help defend your base.


I was also thinking, add seige weapons! Like artillery and battering Rams to knock down walls and such.


I think the pilots should get to build a turret anywhere, but only gets to build one. Cause just pushing a button wouldn't make a turret build. No offense GonyJets. But siege units like the ones that shot down the trade Federation starship Ep. 2 could be cool, but they would have to shoot up and make the shot come down. Who needs battering Rams, just fly a X-wing into the gate.:D

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The Red ARC Trooper you were talking about was in the Clone Wars Cartoon. There was only one I think.


Anyway, my ideas:


New maps-

2x Raxus Primes (Clone Wars)

1x Rhen Var (Both Eras)

2x Thule (Clone Wars)

2x Thule moon (Clone Wars)

2x Mon Calamari (Clone Wars)

3x Mullinist (Both Eras)

1x Kashyyyk Forest (Both Eras)

1x Death Star II (Galactic Civil War)

1x Naboo Blockade (Pre Clone Wars)

1x Tipoca City (Mostly inside with a few platforms with Aircraft on) (Clone wars)

1x Battle over Coruscant (Clone Wars)


New feautures-

Space Combat

Multiple unit skins

Larger maps

Constantly playing music, but still dynamic (JK II style)

ARC Trooper changed to Clone Rocket Soldier


New units-


Rebels: Rebel Commando

(Commando Pistol :rolleyes: , 1 Stormtrooper Disguise kit, Time Bombs, Thermal Detonators)


Imperials: Imperial Officer

(Blaster Pistol, Thermal Detonators, Spy Marker, Stun rifle)


CIS: Chameleon Droid

(Cloaking device, dual repeaters, mines x3)


Republic: Assault ARC Trooper

(Heavy Blaster Rifle (Alot slower, but more powerful), Grappling hook, Thermal Detonators, Detpacks)


Sorry about long post.

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New factions would only make the game worse in my eyes. Look at the examples you give for new factions: huts, gungans, etc. These factions will never be as fun to play as the old ones, and I would like it better if people will stay playing with the normal factions (and clans too).


It sounds logical that an expansions should correct all bugs/flaws we encountered in the first place. An extra clas per faction sounds like a good idea too (seperate the medic from the pilot).


Maybe some extra maps, maybe some space maps (only if this is possible on a nice way with the current engine).


Multiple skins is a good idea. Something they should have added in the first place. And a good working INGAME stats system with more options then the current one would be nice too.

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all those idea are good and all but how would they be implamented to the console versions? sw:b 2? 50 clams was enough for 1. i guess x box live could download it for ya but thats about it...maken us console ony guys feel jeilous.;)


even with that in mind i think a non movie type battle should be on the first death star before the battle of yavin a rebal strike team is smuggled aboard and tries to set the power core to over load the destrutible CP's for both would be the rebal's a boarding craft maybe one that looks like the transports from hoth and the cooling tower for the reactor core. if the landing craft is destroyed the rebals lose and if the coolnig tower is destroyed then all remaining rebals have to get back to the ship before a count down timer hits zero if they dont make it back in time or die they lose 15 points or something, as for the empirials they gotta get to the escape pods 3 ppl per pod before it can launch unless there are no other imps on the map or they lose 15 points off thier kill score or some other penalty. it wouldnt be a normal map for SW:B but i think it would be fun.:deathstar

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  • More maps, not necessarily from the movies (ex. Byss, Dantooine, Malastare)
  • More factions or units (crime factions, bounty hunters, etc.)
  • Larger maps
  • Objective-based modes


These could include . . .


Assassin - one team tries to kill or capture a principle person or bot of the opposition while the other team protects this person or bot


Hostage - one team tries to hold a person or bot captive while the other team liberates the person or bot


Pirate - two teams rush to secure a target object and take it to their launch zone. For example, a rebel cargo ship, crippled by an attack, has crash landed on a planet. The rebels race to recover the databanks aboard the ship while the imperials invade the area to capture the databanks and return them to intelligence.

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Maps - Yup, can't argue there...there's just not enought in the game as is, and what is in is too tiny


GameTypes - Gimme assault, CTF, OBJECTIVE based gametypes


Morale - Cool feature in the middle JK games. Troops had a morale factor, based on the casualties to their team. When it fell belowe a certain level, the troops broke and ran. An officer could boost this rating, and keep a squad together longer. I'd like to see morale implemented, and an officer character who possibly could use "Rally" and "Rout" as special weapons. "Rally" would boost morale of any friendly troops in the officers' area of effect, and "Rout" would reduce enemy morale levels in the same area of effect. Imagine if you're slaughtering the enemy, and they start to panic, and run for the hills.


Direct - Another special weapon I'd allocate to the officer would be the ability to designate a spot and have troops in the area of effect either go there, or direct fire at it. This is all stuff designed to bring a greater level of strategy to the game.


AT-A TRANSPORT! - The ATAT is currently a transport for a grand total of 2. The thing is supposed to march into battle and unload an a$$load of troops. Being a spawn point doesn't cut it for me.


More Stuff to Build - The pilots' ability to build turrets is kinda cool, but limited as it is. Plus, there's no reason whatsoever NOT to build turrets; it takes no ammo, and very very little time. I'd allocate a certain number of "universal construction kits" to a pilot, and have each able to turn into a turret, an FX medic droid, R2 unit, Gonk, part of a wall, or other structure. I'd extend the build time to make it risky to build under fire. PLUS, I'd nerf the rebel pilots' shotgun-thingy. Give 'em all a crappy pistol, and the ability to build dope-a$$ stuff.



I know there's more stuff, just can't remember it all right now.

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good ideas,

if u were to add a bounty hunter class perhaps , it would not be a new faction but instead would be a particular class for each team, with multiple skins. Like you would select bounty hunter class for the Empire and you could choose between a boba fett skin or a Boskk skin or an IG-88 skin. Perhaps the advantage of being the bounty hunter class would be that neither faction would be able to tell which side u were fighting for. The bounty hunter class could be similar to the scout and rebel marksman class in terms of their abilities. I would definitely like to see specific and interesting objectives for maps rather than just fragfests. Hoth was the only map in the game to do a mediocre job at this, all the other map objectives were very rushed and had no thought put into them.

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i think their should be an option to turn off radar and have an option whether you want to play a game where its unlimited respawning and whoever holds the command posts for however long wins and have one where its just about wiping out enemy forces and both sides get one unchangable command post with others that can be changed. Maybe a no vehicles level or only vehicles and have levels where you can play as native species like wookies, and not as the basic four teams. I wont repeat anything anyone else said because there is no point

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