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What would you like to see in an expansion pack?


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Originally posted by Skellington


Morale - Cool feature in the middle JK games. Troops had a morale factor, based on the casualties to their team. When it fell belowe a certain level, the troops broke and ran. An officer could boost this rating, and keep a squad together longer. I'd like to see morale implemented, and an officer character who possibly could use "Rally" and "Rout" as special weapons. "Rally" would boost morale of any friendly troops in the officers' area of effect, and "Rout" would reduce enemy morale levels in the same area of effect. Imagine if you're slaughtering the enemy, and they start to panic, and run for the hills.


Direct - Another special weapon I'd allocate to the officer would be the ability to designate a spot and have troops in the area of effect either go there, or direct fire at it. This is all stuff designed to bring a greater level of strategy to the game.


AT-A TRANSPORT! - The ATAT is currently a transport for a grand total of 2. The thing is supposed to march into battle and unload an a$$load of troops. Being a spawn point doesn't cut it for me.


More Stuff to Build - The pilots' ability to build turrets is kinda cool, but limited as it is. Plus, there's no reason whatsoever NOT to build turrets; it takes no ammo, and very very little time. I'd allocate a certain number of "universal construction kits" to a pilot, and have each able to turn into a turret, an FX medic droid, R2 unit, Gonk, part of a wall, or other structure. I'd extend the build time to make it risky to build under fire. PLUS, I'd nerf the rebel pilots' shotgun-thingy. Give 'em all a crappy pistol, and the ability to build dope-a$$ stuff.



I know there's more stuff, just can't remember it all right now.


You speak great things.

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I would like to see:


1) Actual player/user network stability that should exist for anything sold to public...Lucasarts and every company of Lucas gotta learn the word "Functionality/Functional"


2) Ability to send private messages to others playing on server


3) New units (as mentioned above)


4) New maps (as mentioned above) In particular maps for Dantooine, Dathomir, more Tatooine maps.

Even maps based inside places like jabba's Palace or the DeathStar


5) As mentioned above, a grappling hook would be awesome. Picture a few clones on Bespin (non platforms lvl) grappling their way up from the grnd to cut off enemies in the long corridor between two CP points. AND ya have the aility to fire while going up/down the grappling line.

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I agree, the kill everything in sight objective gets boring.


The Tatooine map was a real let down. On the back of the CD case the screenshot makes the Dune Sea map look really big and long but it's really small.:confused: They should put some Jungle levels with lots of trees and undergrowth and small 3 foot trails to all the CPs, or how about no CPs.:D Endor wasn't that dense as far as Jungles go. They should make it so that the stormtroopers have set patrols, so that the Rebels can actually ambush the Imperials, currently in SWBF the Imperials could just sit around and kill anybody that came near to win. They need atleast one big huge map that combines Urban warfare with jungle warfare, like 1024 by 724 size map.:D That would give the LAATs a real purpose. LAATs should be able to carry more people too.

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My list of new items for expansion pack:



Tie interceptor

Tie Advanced

Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttle



Modified Republic Gunship

Naboo N-1 Starfighter

Slave I

Flyable Millenium Falcon



Moveable Jabba's Barge

Dwarf Spider Droid


Flash Speeder

AT-XT Walker

AT-PT Walker



Imperial Officer

Imperial Navy Trooper

Bothan Spy



Imperial Probe Droid






Kyrat Dragon


Rideable Dewbacks





New Maps:


Ord Mantell







Mon Calamari



Instant Action Heroes:

Darth Maul

Obi-wan Kenobi



Boba Fett

Jango Fett

Han Solo



Add Bounty Hunters to each side:




Aurra Sing




Zam Wessel

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I'd like to see the imperial officer, bothen spy, some sort of shadow trooper and the normal battle droid/dwarf spider droid with some sort of special ability. no space maps just a couple of big maps and the chance to use the hailfire droid and the LAAT/IT more and it should not land if someone is standing inside.

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Originally posted by Rogue15

better vehicle flying....and more room to fly...i'd like to be able to do maneuvers and stuff...like in rogue squadron...you just don't get enough room to fly around in, and strafing ground targets is about impossible.


This is interesting. As a rocket trooper, I've found that it's incredibly difficult to dodge a ship strafing ground targets. You roll and dodge to the side, and they can just slow down and turn ever so slightly to hit you. From this perspective, it seems like ships are too maneuverable.

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Originally posted by mrflippy

This is interesting. As a rocket trooper, I've found that it's incredibly difficult to dodge a ship strafing ground targets. You roll and dodge to the side, and they can just slow down and turn ever so slightly to hit you. From this perspective, it seems like ships are too maneuverable.

Its not that they are too maneuverable its that they have so much hit points and there is no defence against them in most levels.

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In the name of all that which does not suck, please no Vong. I agree with the sentiment that they totally killed my love for reading Star Wars novels - I haven't bought one since I read the first NJO novel.


Cool Map Idea

Imperial Attack on the Tantive IV


I was just thinking the other night how I loved the Bespin map on the refinery due to all the cooridor fighting down the center of the map - it reminded me of the initial battle in A New Hope. And then it dawned on me, "Woah! That would be a majorly sweet map". We could reenact that famous first battle, and also get a chance to see the rest of the ship. I think it would be sweet, anyway :cool:

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I would like to see a Rhen Var Harbour, Rhen Var Citadle map merged! That way the imperials or droids would first have to take the harbour and then thay would have to take the citadel!:D The citadel could connect to the Harbour by a drawbridge or somthing with a freezing river running under it. You could also have gigantic pillars with starships on top that you can only reached by a spiral staircase or somthing. It would give Rhen Var alot more depth.:) The AT-ATs could bombared the citadel while the stormtroopers took it. Also the Jet Pack Troopers would have a real pupose on this map, flying up to uncaptured parts of teh citadel and making trouble, that way there would be less attention on the Clone Troopers below. They would have to make the Citadel look kinda like a frozen building from Coruscant.

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Originally posted by ronbrothers

Maps, maps and more maps. I'd also like the ability to load modded maps without replacing stock maps.


I think you mean you want them to allow a custom maps section.If they did that, they would have to make a Map editor. I dont think Lucas will do that.


Now for What i would like to see Added...


Maps - More Maps, All of the ones spoken above are good. What i would also Like to see is a battleground in Space Surrounding Either Various Star Destroyers or Just the death Star. Sumthing along those Lines. Like a Battle around 5-6 Star Destroyers and the OBJ is Capture the CP's in the Star destroyers. Which would have to Make the Map huge because i dont want to just get to the Dock of the Star Destropyer and the CP would be right there. Know what i mean? I Would also like to see some kind of Battle on the Surface and Inside the Death Star. Like an Infantry and Vehicle Battle on Certain Important Points of the surface of the death Star and an infantry Battle inside the Death Star. Followed by a Space battle around the Death Star.


Game types -

Multiplanetary War - I would like to see th option of a war on more than one planet in the same game. For Exapmle, Tatooine/Naboo war. If you are fighting on naboo and need backup ask for some from Tatooine and vice Versa. this would give Transportation Vehicles more of purpose. Or a War that goes from the Planet to a Moon on the planet. or a Planet on the Same System. Like if the republic Lost a Game on yavin1 they retraet to yavin4 and ontinue fighting there.


Galactic Conquest 2.0 - Heres my opinion on what Galactic Conquest should be. For every Kill the team agins a certain amount of Credits. Those Credits go to Buy Units/Vehciles for the Conquest on other Planets.You also gain credits by capturing Cp's.


Units -


I Would like to see at least 3 new unites per faction. and i would like to be able to use the various Third Faction that are in the game now. Like the tusken raiders.


Rebels -


1.Rebel Engineer - this is they guy who builds all the Turrets other things. he also has the Ability to modify Existing Turrests/Vehicles to have More Firepower/Defense. He carries basic Equipment and An Engineers Kit


2.Medic- She Heals Soldiers in battle and Replenishes Their Ammunitions. Medics Can Jam Enemie Maps to not make it look like the enemy is capturing said command Post.


3.Dont Have One yet :p


Imperials -


I Have to go but ill edit this post later..

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Some think the AI isn't very good, but I (and many of my friends) see it as outstanding!


AI shoots well, takes cover behind objects, dodges, yells out warnings (grenade!), responds to commands, uses vehicles well, and I have even seen the AI peer over ledges shooting and using structures for cover at the same time.


It may be like BF1942 or other games, where the AI is only as smart as the resources available (better cpu, RAM, Vid card= better AI) to process all the information. Resulting in 'smarter' AI because the computer can feed them 'brains' much better.


I would love to see additional sp content. I hope all downloadable content will properly support sp, and bots. Particularly instant action.


I'll just re-iterate some stuff I agree with in this thread, and add a little.


#1 SPACE BATTLES. This is a glaring omission, which I honestly think they left open for an expansion in case the game suceeded. Which I think it has. :) Space battles from all 6 movies are needed, and maybe create some from SW locations/settings.


EP1 Naboo space battle

EP2 Jedi Starfighters vs Slave ones in asteriods (obi 1 vs Jango)

EP3 will have some big ones they can use, I've seen previews.

EP4 1st Deathstar (Xwings, Awings etc vs Multiple type Tiefighters)

EP5 Millenuim falcons, imperial star destroyers, asteriods (take some liberties here)

EP6 2nd Deathstar complete with capital ships (BIG ones)


Using these as a basis there are six new maps right there. Tons of variety of Star ships from the 6 movies. And like in Bespin platforms, taking Creative liberites and using Star Wars locations/units to create 'Could have been' battles.




I would like to see a **balanced** Jedi/Sith class. Using nothing but a light sabre and force powers.


Balanced as in not the uber-one-man-NPC-wrecking crews of SWBF. But more like in the Jedi-Knight games where you can deflect energy beams in front of you, but not shots from the back or sides. Just 3 force powers would suit me also, like Force Jump, Force pull, and force push along with a sabre.


Leaving the uber jedi/sith ingame would be fine as NPC, just if they made jedi/sith playable it would need to be limited/balanced. This would be ideal for a EP 2 Geneosis Arena map. JEDI vs CiS droids. Lots of Jedi and sith would probably be only suitable for EP 1-3 maps.




I would like to be able to pair up Droids vs Droids battles, Clones vs Imperials, Rebels vs Clones, etc for added replayability and fun with every map. Honestly though, this could be added with a patch instead of an expansion. :)


New factions and planets from the SW universe would be nice for an expansion though.


Thats just off the top of my head for now. I anxiously await the ability to play some Space battles in SWBF.


EDIT: On the comment of BIG maps, lets just limit that to some maps and not all. The reason the battles are so well knit and exciting is because the maps are focused and not overly big, I think this is good design.

Too many times in BF1942's big maps I would be running marathons trying to find someone to shoot at if I didn't get a vehicle. If a map is made big it needs to be *filled* with vehicles to keep it from being boring. Big maps = Lotsa vehicles. Infantry/vehicles maps = medium/small for infantry's sake. ;)

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