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Toy Show and my findings


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Star Wars:


Cantina Scene 1 - $30

VOTC R2-D2 - $15

OTC Leia ANH - $8

OTC Leia Bespin - $8

OTC Cloud Car Pilot - $8

OTC Lando General - $8

OTC Han AT-ST -$8

OTC Madine - $8

Custom 12" K-3P0 (awesome!) - $30


I saw other OTC guys but for $10 or more. They were of Vader Hoth (awesome paint job, he's got snow on his cape and boots! :D), Leia Slave, Bib Fortuna (great face paint job, it makes up for it being too bulky and all), and the transitional waves. I left them be.


Bad news for you. The VOTC C-3P0 is shipped one to every other case. He was selling for big bucks. Tough break there. I was lucky to get mine. I only saw two or three out there for $40-$50 each.


I also saw a blue VOTC Boba for $65 but we passed. We couldn't talk the guy down to $50.




12" Custom Indy on cardback - $110

12" Custom Arabian Stallion on cardback - $65

Antidote Prop - $10


We got the prop for free because we've been doing business with this guy for the past year now. He actually saw my posts on some Indy board! I'm gonna head back to that $h!thole just to talk with him.


Star Trek:


Gold Shirt Kirk in box - $20

Mirror Mirror Scotty in box - $25


I didn't know about the Scotty! He's a new Art Asylum exclusive. I talked the guy down to $20.


Family Guy:


Peter - $15

Brian - $15


The guy said those were his last and gave me a break on them. I got them both for $25. I'm gonna head to the hobby shop and look for Lois and Stewie some time later this week.


EDIT - OK, Lois and Chris are super rare and come 1 in a case of 12 :eek:


I got a pair of them off eBay for $50. I think it's worth it in the long run because if these things are anything like the Simpsons guys, they just keep climbing up in price. I'll be getting a Stewie (just the normal outfit, hopefully the facial variant I want most) and then a Meg and Quagmire. If and when the other neighbors or Mayor Adam West come out, I'll get them as well.

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Sweet deal i do hate ur ass...seriously, madine, han, landa, ...u prick.. jk ...but still u know me.



well i know the family guy figure will be like the simpsons figs, im limiting myself to stewie, peter, quagmire, brian...and naturally mayor west if he is made "are you the one whose been stealing my water?"


Btw DJ8 - emmerson is a great writer, just showing respect for ur sig.


(back to simpsons, the simpsons do kep climbinng, and i have barney, and cheif wiggum, and smithers, check thei prices out i paid 6.50 at ames before they closed, 50 a peice bitches...boo yah, hopefully i can cath the family guy ones soon.)

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Did you catch the part about the VOTC 3P0? Shipped one to every other case? Brian doesn't even have him for sale.


I have all of the Griffins but Stewie. I'm debating whether or not to leave Lois and Chris in or not. They only technically cost me 20, even though I bought them off eBay for 60 with shipping. I sold a game though for 40 so it's kind of a trade. I dunno....

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