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Top 20 Online games in play now.


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So we just found out that SW: Battlefront is the number 4 top game being sold right now. So are people playing it?


Top 20 Games Being Played Now

Here are the top-20 most played games online this Sunday afternoon thanks to Gamespy:

1. Half Life - 35985 servers, 97724 players

2. Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - 2649 servers, 10110 players

3. Battlefield 1942 - 2736 servers, 9831 players

4. Americas Army: Special Forces - 1552 servers, 8992 players

5. Call of Duty - 3338 servers, 8716 players

6. Call of Duty: United Offensive - 1697 servers, 8094 players

7. Neverwinter Nights - 1622 servers, 7482 players

8. Quake 3: Arena - 2727 servers, 6866 players

9. Medal of Honor Allied Assault - 2595 servers, 5993 players

10. Unreal Tournament 2004 - 3682 servers, 5449 players

11. Battlefield: Vietnam - 1617 servers, 4736 players

12. Medal of Honor: Allied Assault Spearhead - 1293 servers, 4704 players

13. Soldier of Fortune 2 - 1622 servers, 4187 players

14. Unreal Tournament - 2619 servers, 3815 players

15. Halo: Combat Evolved - 759 servers, 3370 players

16. Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy - 644 servers, 1513 players

17. Vietcong - 401 servers, 1304 players

18. Halo Demo - 223 servers, 860 players

19. Quake II - 645 servers, 840 players

20. Star Wars: Battlefront - (PC) 297 servers, 701 players

Not making the top 20 is Tribes: Vengeance which comes in at 26th and Doom 3 at 32nd. If Half-Life 2 was being actively tracked, it would have 4,459 servers and 12,349 players making it number 2 on the list. MMORPGs and Battle.net titles are of course not included either.

----end snip---


Interesting that Star Wars Battlefront is so low. The freakin Halo (PC) "demo" has more players!


I think it's because the sucky frame rate, poor server browser interface, and loosing connection to servers after a few games.


This is a good reflection of the poor quality of the net code. To think the game is one of the top selling games and yet ranks below "Vietcong" and others. Not only that if they don't fix it soon it will drop off the popularity and even less people who are now waiting for fixes will give up on it.


Sad. I wish Lucasarts didn't put the frame rate limit of 20 fps.



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Academy had the browser bug that really hurt the potential community. There is also the whole honour/lamer thing that caused a lot of players to give up on the MP portion of the game.


And yet there are still more players for it than battlefront? I suppose the fps cap and browser problems amongst other things has taken its toll on this game.


I know it scared me off picking it up. Unfortunate, as I was looking forward to it once upon a time. :(

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These numbers, while accurate and disparaging, are skewed. Battlefront is a 3-platform game. PC, XBox, PS2. Those numbers only reflect PC players. None of those other titles are on multiple platforms except for maybe the Battlefield games.


But of course no one is playing this game. Though fun, it's really garbage in comparison to other games. I just played roughly 4 hours of CounterStrike straight on one 24/7 server without changing maps. Not quite as hilarious as SWBF in terms of fun gameplay but I can hardly stand teh frustration of finding and staying on a server and then dealing with large pings, poor netcode, and poor FPS... and I really LIKE SWBF.


Paired with low sales, split console sales, and people just not liking the MP, it's bound to suffer. Who knows how long it'll be around. They better fix it quick so some servers start going up.

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Originally posted by Iceman_IX

These numbers, while accurate and disparaging, are skewed. Battlefront is a 3-platform game. PC, XBox, PS2. Those numbers only reflect PC players. None of those other titles are on multiple platforms except for maybe the Battlefield games.

True, but there is no crossover between the different communities. If there were a billion people on XBox, that does translate to more servers and players for PC, and so on.


So on the PC at least, the numbers seem very low...

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Originally posted by Iam8up

don't forget ot realize this is all on GSA...not all games are on GSA, and personally, i NEVER use GSA - the only thing i use it for is AA and BF's ingame browser menu...


Yeah, I never play through GSA either. For Jedi Academy, I used the All-Seeing Eye external browser (likewise for Jedi Outcast). For Unreal Tournament 2004 and Enemy Territory, I used the effective in-game browsers.


Concerning Half-Life, those 97000 players are split up between more than 20 mods. I don't think people actually play the original HL MP anymore.


Sad that Battlefront is so low, but it is the fault of Pandemic. If they fixed up all the bugs and improved the browser before release, the ranking could have been extremely different.


Well, I am looking forward to Republic Commando . . . .

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I think every Star wars fan is looking foward to Republic commando. I think Halo has more people playing becase it's free. But still. A demo beating batlefront? I still think that Battlefront should've been rushed to the the consoles but than take more time working on the PC version.

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i think the game is good enough but i stopped playing it after about week due to the poor net code. I could put up with the fps, the feeling that i never know if im hitting anything but the total hassle of getting on a server with a decent ping is the main factor to make me stop playing. In ET i regulary get pings betweem 20-50. On Battlefront ive never managed to get less then 100 and usually i was getting pings of 200+ . If they sort out these basic problems (basically they just gotta make the whole online experience less hassle) im sure the game will become more popular as there are alot of SW fans who would rather play a slightly sub standard game just because its Star Wars. I know im one of em.

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That's for MMOFPS not MMORPG.


I doubt those stats actually show the real number of players. They just took the stats at one period of the day and that's it that's all.


It's not even taking any other factors into consideration. First, HL requirements are incredibly low making it a more popular game. Second, Enemy territory and America's Army are free. Of course they get more players.

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