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When Will Yours Turn Up???? JtL


When Will Your JtL Arrive?  

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  1. 1. When Will Your JtL Arrive?

    • MHAHAHAHAH!! Got mine already :p
    • Pre-Ordered - 1 Day wait - Know where it is, Ready to collect.
    • Pre-Ordered - 2 - 3 Day wait - No Idea Where its is.. in transit..
    • Pre-Ordered - 4 - 6 Day Wait - No Clue What so Ever to Location or Whereabouts
    • 1 Week + Just waiting for Local Game Shop to Stock (didn't pre-order)
    • 1 Month + Waiting for Launch (if so post where in the world you are )
    • Don't Really Care when it arrives.

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lol I have no idea if I'll even be able to get it. :( Heck first I need my game card. So that I can actually start playing, I hope to get it some time cause I'd love to fly (plus I know I qualify for that personal yatch) not sure I spelt yatch right...ANYWAY yeah it would be awesome for me to even GET IN THE GAME again lol, though with school and other things I do (talk to friends till early hours in the morning) I don't know when I'll be able to get in. :(

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It's Naxu. :)


I wondered the same thing, so I did a search on his posting habits. ;)


My hunch is it's from Conan O'Brian show and Triumph, the Comic Relief Dog outside the Siegfried Theater in New York on the AotC opening. :p



Triumph: "Question: What substance was Han Solo frozen in?"

Crowd: "CARBONITE!!!!"

Triumph: "No no. The correct answer is, who gives a f***!" :D :D :D

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*jumps around* *jumps around* *jumps around* *jumps around* *jumps around* *jumps around* *jumps around*


i got jtl i got jtl i got jtl i got jtl!!!!!!!


THIS MORNING 9.30 am gmt+1 :)


well im at school now and i gotta go to the tendist around 4 pm... so i will play jtl after that... ORIES get ready to RUMBLE!


ok i got the shop house up near the dantooine meditation garden.. medium generic style 2. (same house as xans shop)

i still have ti admin you tho. have we decided on the type of vendors yet? or are we gonna do: you have that type vendor and i have this type of vendor. my favorite still is a terminal.


i will have a vendor up with some paintkist first prolly.


ooo i have another question i have 2 comps and i play atex on both comps... is it possible just like swg to install JTL on both comps.????

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wel im 2-2-2-1 shipwright right now..... but im out of recources :(


btw tip for grinding.

grind scyks. i mean yuou get good xp on the rec ource xp ratio.



1300 xp

2000 steel, 1000 petro chemical, 1000 alluminium, 1000 low grade ore



3500 xp

11000 steel, 4000 low grade ore, 3000 allu, 2000 fiberplast


so scyks are better.

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I really can't "grind" because I simply don't have the physical or economic resources to do so. I just plod along making ships and components when I can.


P.S. If I had the 5.6 million resources needed it only takes about an hour and a half to master........I shudder to think how many hundreds of millions of resources just dissappeared into think air!!

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