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Mace Windu Figure

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Greetings Jedi's,


I was wondering if anyone knows where i can get hold of a Mace Windu Figure.I have been trying to get hold of one for some time now and it's getting a bit frustrating now !!!I normally get all my starwars pre-orders and collection figures from epicheroes.com in London Edgware but even they can,t get hold of this figure for me !!! Any help or advise would be great !!!





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Well do you want an episode 1 or 2 mace windu?


Ep 1-

You had the sneak peak

and the normal releasal


Ep 2-

Normal releasal

Delux mace

Lightsaber Contol mace windu

clone wars mace windu


All can be found at a variety of second hand markets online.

Ebay is good

Brians Toys.com



There are more....But i know these guys have it.

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Originally posted by Katarn07

Yeah, there aren't any on the market atm. Surprising they're not putting him on an OTC card or something stupid like that :rolleyes:


Of course not....... Since he is PT. :p



Oh, sarcasm, gotcha.

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