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Just a little longer (election day)


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[Titanicstyle]Come back! Come back![/Titanicstyle]



Oh wait. What am I even doing here?


Right. I support Kerry, though there are higher changes Dubya's getting it again... :(




You Americans need to make me Prez. Free TiE Cookies and Jawa Juice for everyone!

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I was voting Kerry untill I researched the Issues.


Kerry is pro-abortion. You don't kill babies, good sir. That is a NO NO.


Kerry is pro-gay marraige. Kerry was going to (if elected) present a law that would force Ministers such as myself to marry a gay couple if they came to them. Seperation of church and state? Hello? Weren't people angry about the ten commandments in the courthouse? It's actually a degree of hypocricy.


Kerry voted for the war in Iraq. Later, he said "it is the wrong war at the wrong time!" Kerry was just trying to rouse the anti-war crowd, instead of taking a stand for what he truely believes. He's good at that, that's why he won the debates.


Bush may not be the smartest guy alive, but at least he stands up for what he believes, and doesn't change his mind a million times like Kerry.


That's why I voted Bush/Cheney '04.




Dang, that's a mouthful.








not to mention my gf likes Bush >_>

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Needs to read the John Kerry thread, that flip-flop is completely crap.


Noone can force a minister to perform a marriage, not even the church or wedding chapel. What his bill that he proposes does is force states to recognize the couples marriae. I haven't heard anything at all about forcing ministers to perform marriages.


He's not pro abortion, he's pro-choice. He doesn't like it, but he doesn't believe his religious beliefs should be law, because not everyone believes the same religion. That's why he's also anti-gay marriage ban. Not everyone shares the same religious belief, so he can't make laws forcing them to follow that beliefs rules.

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Originally posted by JediDüde

If Bush wins he probaly cheated, he cheated last time too.


Watch Fahrenheit 9/11 you'll understand.

Bush didnt cheat, thats already been proven as one of moores many lies


This reminds me of elementry school... the one who looses always screams "cheater"

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