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Patch news (email to Pandemic)


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Well last week I wrote to Pandemic in an e-mail. It was just the webmaster's e-mail address on their site so I was surprised that it actually made it to the devs. Below is my question to them and their response:


Question: I realize you're all very busy but I have an important question from the Linux community. When are linux server files coming for Battlefront? Many of the larger server communites run servers only on linux, due to it's high stability. If you wish this game to have longevity, I suggest that these files be released somewhat soon. Is there a way an ETA for these files can be announced to the community? Thank you for your time.


Answer: While Lucasarts may not have announced Linux server files they are in development. There is a patch/update for both the dedicated server as well as the game itself due out this week that it may be a part of.

Official announcements regarding Star Wars Battlefront all come from Lucasarts and can be found on their message boards at:




To find out what will be released and when, keep an eye on the

Lucasarts Battlefront message boards. Any feedback you have can also be provided there.


Thank You

Chris Fusco


Pandemic Studios

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