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Patch/Expansion/Mod Ideas


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Please look at the images below and tell me your thoughts on them. It is a list of extra maps, vehicles, soldiers, and gameplay features I'd like to see in the game, whether it is through patches, mods, or an expansion.









Do you disagree? Agree?

Which ones do you like the most?

Which ones don't you like the most?

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Jango Fett and Boba, MAKE ONLY AS HEROS. It makes NO SENSE AT ALL, to have 20 odd Jangos or Bobas running around, and, they are over powered.


But I have to say, I am ALL FOR making the TX-130 much faster, even the same speed as the clone wars game, but that might be too fast.



The Republic Commando, WHY? No offense, but what really can an RC do? Give them a Clone Commander, or an Assault ARC Trooper. The Unique units are mostly rubbish, take some ideas from the Expansion Ideas thread.

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Those are some good Ideas


THough I do agree about the fett thing with the guy above me!


Like every thing but new unit Ideas!


No ridable Peko peko as they are already in the game and are tiny (flying around at naboo planes)


My Idea Kamino guards as npc's in the kimino level!


Space battles would need flight celling adjustments!


AT-XT's would rock but need to be toned down abit!


Boba and jango should be heros


Historical campaign map Idea:

I mentioned this earlier but the Dark trooper invasion of the first planet you go to in dark forces (I forgot name)

You play as empire!

2 unique units for map dark trooper phase 1

and as a hero dark trooper phase 3

Rebles get some vehicles maby two tanks!

The phase 2 dt gets the beefing up he deserves for this map only, better armor, the gun he actually has, and a faster recharging jet pack!

Phase 1 will be simmalr to what is already in game, only smaller and with hand to hand blades insted of pistol, he will also move as fast as the normal sniper!

Phase 3 hero will be bigger and supports a jet trooper like jet pack with unlimited fule, missle lanuchers, other stuff (been a long time since I played df and I never beat it:confused: )


On all maps dark trooper gets the gun modle of what he has in dark forces no more e-11 shot gun, and a more robotic voice,

The super battle droid needs a deeper or at least different voice

and finally the rebel marksmen which is female needs to actually have a voice wtf!


(sorry about miss spellings I am typing fast!)


And be sure to visit the data base section of the Starwars offical site to check my info I will provide a link! But before typing about EU stuff I check so all should be in order




Plz don't trash my post If you don't like what I say plz be nice!


Edit: just rememberd a cool Idea!


On any space level or bespin platforms the CIs sould lose all droid starfighters and insted replace the droid aca with a Droid star fighter unit!


He will transform from walking form to flying form by pressing same button as with my avatar guy (I will just refer to him as destro from now on)

He in flying mode will need to be massivly toned down Cis massed air units and it will need to show!

You can not transform when flying for instant landing you must actually land first

IT can capture bases, but only in walking mode! (I will need to know if people think this is Unbalanced or not)

It can fire in walking mode but the guns are even weaker then in toned down flying mode!


Tell me what you think!

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Not bad ideas SwordFish95


The maps suggested I totally agree with, although there's room for more. I like the idea of battles betwen starships (infiltrating via hanger bays etc).


The new units suggested could use some work, jango/boba should be a hero, and the support troopers use already existing models, which I think should be replaced by something more interesting, such as a sullustan/mon cal for the rebels, a gunnery officer for the empire, and maybe the CIS could have a turret droid (such as the dwarf spider droid, instead of it being a vehicle). The additional clone troopers sound good, as does the bothan spy!


The vehicles are all well and good, makes sure they are balanced (so even though the AT-XT would be powerful, make it slow, or alternatively weaker fire power and fast). The new mounts are a good idea too, but you should only be able to use your weapons on and (instead of them having mounted weapons), but should also be a faster alternative to vehicles (but not speeder fast).


As for the extra game modes... podracers shouldnt have weapons (apart from maybe a close range flamethrower), and also the racing could be done with something more agile, like the speederbikes (as is more likely during the galactic civil war, when things are more advanced). The others are fine, the jedi geonosian fight would be interesting, it could be like a fight to the death, to see how long you lasted against an infinite number of droids and geonosians (instead of unfeasable dark jedi).


What I would also do is leaf through the suggestions in the other thread again, and add/modify your current ideas again, as there could be so much more innovation. However , that said, there's a great potential here... I hope that one day, allof this and more will exist!


As for Armydude's Darkforces idea...

Its quite an interesting one Armydude, stepping outside Kyle Katarn's shoes and into those of the grunts involved in the battles that took place over dark forces. I agree that all three phases of the dark trooper be involved, however, the first phase should use a skeletal dark trooper model with the trademark sword arms and sheild (could make an interesting melee unit, which I think all classes should have at least one of). And also the DT's weapons should be tweaked to as they are in the Dark Forces game. What could also be done are the battles that take place in Jedi Knight, Mystries of the Sith and Jedi Outcast/Acamedy. While I know most of it centers on Kyle/Mara/Jayden, there are a surprising amount you could do with the planets and scenarios involved, with which there are many possibilities (although some places Kyle Manages to blow up before any action could have been taken in these cases there could be support mission on some other location on the planet/ship).


I dont quite understand why this isnt part of the main "expansion pack" thread... but then again I suppose its a fresh start. I guess this is more of a critique thread than just randomly suggesting ideas.


However I'll add my own (tweaked) ideas anyways (minus the ideas that have already been represented).

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Maps (ideas mostly taken from other computer games):

Kessel (space and asteroid based battle, where gaining asteroid bases and advancing is the aim, the empire controls the main spice mines)


Taris, Dantooine, Manaan, Korriban, Tatooine, Kashyyyk, Unknown Planet, Starforge, Endar Spire, Leviathan (fights between the Old republic and the Sith, during the time of the old republic, see near the bottom of te thread)


Mon Calamari (the clone wars battle, which should take place on land and underwater!! Yes, just as in the clone wars cartoon the mon cals and quarren are sluggin it out too, also uses the underwater version of current units, just as hoth uses the cold weather gear of existing units)


Corellia Skyscrapers (not like coruscant, the fight is between distant skyscrapers which are acessed via hover trains ala JKA)


Corellia Shores (like in Rogue Squadron, with AT-ATs, and protecting important units such as Crix Madine and Reikeen)


Ord Mantell (a battle between a rebel cell and an imperial investigation, the city has many levels and bounty hunters will hunt rebels too)


Dantooine (where the separatists are using a gravity tank as sene in clone wars, the republics job is to destroy it from the outside or the inside)


Hypori (where a large separtist army moves to wipe out a crashed republic starship and all of its jedi/soldiers)


Muunilist City (Clone Troopers have to destroy the orbital defence cannon, infiltrate the command center to capture the planet's banking clan leaders, and keep Durge at bay until the separatists have run out of units)


Muunilist Outskirts (Clone Troopers have to defend their SPHA-Ts from Durge and a band of deadly IG Lancer droids and other forces)


Extra map options: Ability to choose time of day (dusk, dawn, day and night) and set weather conditions unique to that planet (eg falling snow on Rhen Var, dust storms on Tatooine, rain and crashing waves on Kamino. Weather effects are only for visual experiance and dont effect the game in any other way.


New Units:

For each faction I would suggest at least one melee unit (to add variety). These units would be fast on their feet, jump higher and kill in a few hits). Other units could be a separate medic (that can heal troops and hand out ammo) and Engineer Unit (that can build droids/turrets and fix vehicles/droids/turrets) from pilots (who gain more manuverability in flight as their main perk), thus adding more strategy.


For the CIS I'd suggest a General Grevious Guard as a melee unit, maybe a Geonosian and Neimoidian soldiers (from episode III).


The Republic might get a Jedi "grunt" (since there are always a few on the front lines) as the melee unit, with a few limited powrs (nothing too superhuman). There could be a type of clone trooper unit an energy lance (seen used in the Clone Wars cartoons while on speeder bikes) as an alternative to jedi, the energy lance could be used on speeder bikes, just as in the cartoons, CIS would have their own IG lancer droids too.


Rebels should have their units changed to more varied species (eg Sullustans and Mon Calamari), new units could utilise these species.


The Empire could get a few more specialised troopers. These could be a Camo Trooper (like the Jedi Outcast's "swamp trooper"), Imperial Officer (that boosts morale/skill as people have mentioned), Imperial Gunner (like those on the deathstar that specialise in heavy weaponry). The Empire could have a Royal Guard with a echani (double sided sword ala Crimson Empire graphic novel) or force pike (as they do in ROTJ).


New Vehicles: Apart from the ships SwordFish95 mentioned, I think these should also be included.

* TIE Advanced X1 (Vader TIE)

* YT-1300 (Troop Carrier)

* V-19 Torrent (Clone wars cartoon fighter)


New Factions?: If a new factions were made, we should definatly have Neutral Factions that can fiht either sides of their respective era. I'd suggest finishng off the Naboo/Gungan Faction they had in game (maybe combining them into one) for a neutral faction (since they are technically separate from the Republic and CIS, despite being a Republic planet.


A BlackSun (neutral) faction would be ace, with all the usual thugs, scum and bounty hunter types you see in games such as Jedi Knight (ie rodians, grans, trandoshan, ithorians, human mercs etc) with Black Sun ships (as seen in the new Starwars Galaxies expansion, Jump to Lightspeed) as well as Xizor's Virago (heavy fighter) and Guri's Stinger (carrier). And Hero units such as Xizor, Guri etc


If Lucasarts wanted to go all out, they could make the Old Republic and Sith factions as seen in Knights of the Old Republic, since this would also add a whole new era to Battlefront. Weapons would be those you see in game (sonic, blaster, physical and melee weapons), Vehicles would be the republic and sith fighters seen in in game movies, along with appearances from ships such as the Endar Spire, the Leviathan and the Ebon Hawk. Units would be similar to those seen in games, with maybe the Mandalorians as the Neutral Faction (since they were the last great threat to the republic before the sith).


Well I've given critique, so now I'm ready to recieve it, sorry its a bit lengthy:D .

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I think there should be space maps and both death star trenches would be cool too. For the space maps there should be 10 capital ships on each side (each count as a spawn point) and a mother ship (Imp: SSD Rebels: Mon Calamari cruiser Clone Troopers: the smaller versions of the Star destroyer CIS: trade federation control ship) and there should be dogfights in the space idead and capital ships can shoot the star fighters and there can be transport ships that carry troops to capital ship to another capital ship. There should deinately be more modes like CTF, DM, Assault, search and destru etc.... There should be a bigger version of all maps. More maps. Vehicles should be a little bit weaker and that's it that should make Battlefront a more beautiful game oh and there should be more flying room and a higher invisible ceiling and you should be able to twist and turn and barrel rolls with starfighters, Would be nice to have a little bit more fighters on each side (Imp: TIE intercepter, advance defender, assault gunboat, Missle boat etc... (but not too much maybe on or 2 on each side) Rebels: B-wing, A wing or maybe a Z-95 Clones: The ships they use in the cartoon and not jedi starfighters since they are noe Jedi CIS: meh) and like Sata said the old republic and sith factions with the worlds from KOTOR.

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Aye its a cool ship.


I suppose the YT-1300 is more of a smuggler/pirate ship than a rebel one. And I also suppose grunts wouldnt use Vader's style of TIE Fighter (although there was the TIE Advanced, which was similar).


What did you think of the other ideas?

Do you think its a good idea to separate the pilot into medic/engineer/pilot units or keep it as one?

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I would like to see the train level from "shadows of the empire" with the capitol train, smaller train's, acid ocean and huge size.

+ the train station or trash station as a big spawn point and some smaller station's all around. also the weird "train monster's" if you have played shadows of the empire then you know what i mean.

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Originally posted by Sata

Not bad ideas SwordFish95

As for Armydude's Darkforces idea...

Its quite an interesting one Armydude, stepping outside Kyle Katarn's shoes and into those of the grunts involved in the battles that took place over dark forces. I agree that all three phases of the dark trooper be involved, however, the first phase should use a skeletal dark trooper model with the trademark sword arms and sheild (could make an interesting melee unit, which I think all classes should have at least one of). And also the DT's weapons should be tweaked to as they are in the Dark Forces game. What could also be done are the battles that take place in Jedi Knight, Mystries of the Sith and Jedi Outcast/Acamedy. While I know most of it centers on Kyle/Mara/Jayden, there are a surprising amount you could do with the planets and scenarios involved, with which there are many possibilities (although some places Kyle Manages to blow up before any action could have been taken in these cases there could be support mission on some other location on the planet/ship).


What you said is what I ment

Mabe the first level in Mysteries of the sith could be done also!


BTW kool shadows of the empire Idea!


I like the train level! With the old callaposed at-at in the background!



I like the V-torrent!



Sorry SATA but I must correct you the empire devoloped the TIE AVENGER based on darth vaders TIE ADVANCED X1


I believe the first exp, if they decide to do more that is, will be adding Revenge of the Sith stuff and the second will be An EU expansion!:D


DID anyone else see stormtroopers fighting battledroids in the Revenge of the sith game trailer? or Super battledroids with rocket launcher arms? http://www.lucasarts.com/ep3/


sorry SwordFish95 but your new unit Ideas suck Everything else rocks though!


The clone commando would be really stupid because he looks almost exactly like a darktrooper and he is not designed for this game he uses close nit tactiks so he would suck!


Clone sargent is just like the clone trooper only more ammo (Everyone would use him plus I never run out of ammo so he is nothing) in this game ammo is every where!


Support trooper is a moble turret (crappy) sorry but yet again two overpowered!

Same with reble defender!

Bothne spy should be there!


Imperial Officer should be there he should make the bots slightly better or some thing like unlimited ammo when near him (he should have something like a commando pistol) and be able to despence ammo and helth!


A battle droid haha very funny very unique sorry but a genosain eliet is more what I was thinking! the Genosians were greatly involved in the clone wars even after their planet was taken over!

But maby not only on the level genosis should they be!

Maby the dwarf waking spider tanks as a unit would be cool a anti take cannon with large splash but long relode time as his only weapon but as a secondary he instantly self distructs creating a large splash damage anti infentry attack!


sorry about spelling! I was typing fast!

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I want some patches that include larger maps, the ability to change the ticket count from 50 tickets- 500 tickets, and more of just about everything.










Ord Mantel





Mon Calamari





Imperial Lamdba Class Shuttles

Tie Interceptors

Tie Advanced

Slave I

Millenium Falcon

Modified Republic Gunships

Naboo N-1 Starfighters



Dwarf Spider Droids

Flash Speeders

AT-XT Walker

AT-PT Walker



Imperial Officer

Bothan Spy

Imperial Navy Trooper



Imperial Probe Droid




Kyrat Dragons







Dewbacks (rideable)




Ugnaughts on Bespin maps

Mos Eisley citizens on Tatoonie maps

Naboo Security and citizens on theed city map

Courscant citizens on Courscant map

Alderran citizens on Alderran map


Bounty Hunters working for certain factions


Boba Fett

Jango Fett

Aurra Sing






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excellent breakdown of ideas, sometimes hard to follow but I agree.


Battlefront so could have been Lucasarts real answer to BF1942 but too much has limited it. We all know the issues and the lack of sophistication but if it were done properly from the start they could have easily cranked out 2 expansions this year alone.


I could see them having saved all the Episode 3 maps for a Revenge of the Sith Expansion inwhich it includes the new vehicles, planets and factions. That expansion could have been released around May 2005. Then before fall 2005 they could have introduced SWBF:Expanded Universe were we get all the cool planets, armies and goodies we've only read about. Oh well, I know will full confidence that some mod group will bring around all these things.


I'd love to see more choices across the board. Either give us an inventory of skins to choose from and then a class to be or give us more classes. I like the ability of picking a weapon load out then literally between the skins and the potential load out there would be thousands of combinations. Add a bounty hunter class to the Empire, not Boba fett but rather Bossk or a more generic looking alien. Bounty hunters can't capture flags but can kill and "capture" enemies thus taking them out of play and weaking the opposition for short periods of time. Bigger maps, more vehicles space battles, more unobvious planets. I still think its amazing Tatootine gets so much attention even though its on the ass end of space. Almost 30 years of SW media and we keep revisiting the same planets... sheesh.

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I would love to see a space combat map with two capital ships.


you would have:


-ISD/Republic mini-SD, 2CPs:

-CP1/Bridge:spawns into fighter hangar, contains the fighter spawns so that once it is destroyed, that team gets no more fighters.

-CP2/Auxilury Control:spawns into transport hangar, where there should be 2 (or 3) transports capable of holding 6 people each. this one would be the objective of any raiding parties that could land there.


-Mon Cal Cruiser/T-Fed Ship, 2CPs:

-same as above


That would make you add a tactical element to it, as the raiding parties would have to work well as a team, because they would not be able to get back quickly or easily, and you could have turrets to shoot down enemy fighters, but have the enemy ship just out of the turret's range.


This level would appeal to many people because there is a space combat part, it's a huge map (both inside and outside), and there would be hallway combat as well. You could also maybe add a CP in one of the hangars to allow the boarding parties to establish a beachhead and keep up the combat.

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As I mentioned in one of my ideas (specifically having KOTOR factions) the Mandalorians could well be one of the neutral factions, since they support neither republic nor sith (since one beat them back and the other took their place as main threat in the universe).


Since there were Mandalorians in the period leading up to shortly before Episode II (where the Mandalorians were all but wiped out by jedi and the death watch) they could also be a neutral faction in that era.


During the Galactic Civil War its more likely they'd be part of a bounty hunter guild or black sun faction.

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