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The battle of geonosis


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Name: Calish Mann

Age: 36

Side: Republic

Class: Jedi Master/Consular

Weapons: single green saber

Bio: Trained under Ulic-Queldroma's jedi holocron before he turned to the Dark side and mastered the juso style of combat.


Calish viewed the battle from atop the clone gunship. "pilot, take us near Vanicipli area ((Where Mace landed:cool: ))" As the gunship landed Calish jumped out slicing an unexpecting Droideka before it raised its shields.

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name:delta 43


class:republic commando(reconisance,infiltration,security,demolitions,etc)

weapons:dc-17 rifle and attatchements,trandoshan heavy repeater,dual pistols

bio:delta 43 was a clone that was only known by a few rumors.his existance and skills were proved on geonosis,right before he dissappeared.


a gunship flew over the battle,containing severel clones.as the gunship flew over to let me grapple down,a geonosian pulled one of the clones out.as a reached the surface,i was instantly attacked from all sides by droids.after they were scrap metal,i proceeded through the caves,in search of a geonosian commander.upon entering a strategic room,i was ambushed by a pair of SBD and droidekas.i raised an anti-armor attachment and destroyed the SBDs and disabled the droidekas sheild.with a quick blast from my trandoshan repeater,the droidekas lay deactivated on the floor.i proceeded to the geonosian commanders shuttle.......

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Name: Zion Rexel

Age: 24

Side: republic

Class: Jedi

Weapons: Blue Saber and Green saber



The Clone Gun ship carrying Zion Rexel was struck down by a missile near the techno union ships. The ship flew, out of control, into the solid spire. Zion and another Jedi jumped out. Zion landed, cat like and was emidiately attacked by droids. Igniting his saber Zion sliced one in two. A Droideka rolled up behind another jedi and blasted him. He fell to the floor, he was not dead but he was seriously injured. Zion jumped and used the force to push the droid into another. Zion Grabbed the jedi's limp body and flagged down a gun ship. Zion shoved the jedi into the ship and it flew off. Zion turned around and punched a droid then sliced it's head off.

"cheap droids"

A clone trooper to the right of Zion was in trouble. He had been disarmed and a super battle droid was bearing down on him. Zion jumped and stabbed the droid then he sliced the droids head off. He used the force to get the Clones weapon and he handed it to him.

"thank you jedi"

"you, come with me"

Zion ran towards the spire.

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after blasting severel droids i finally made it to the hanger.well a ledge above the hanger.i grappled down and the geonosian was nowhere in sight.i quickly planted the explosives as the geonosian came running down the hall,followed by delta squad.i grapple back up to the ledge.when the geonosian hopped in his shuttle,he was being blasted from every direction.when the geonosian toke off he and his shuttle exploded in midair.i called for a gunship to pick me up as the other clones ran into the factory...

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