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Hatrus WIP Thread


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New Terminator Mod:


Along time ago in JKO I started a mod called the Terminator Mod. But I never finished it. I am restarting it and it wil lbe finished this time. I have a t800 endo skeleton from ut2 and ive asked graves and/or mongo (my mod collegue) to port it to jka. I got to say that after seen the screenshot of it ingame, I nearly wet my pants from amazment. IF we get this model it will be one of most unique player models for jka.


I have to give credit to Mongo tho. Back in JKO mongo had contacted me about the Term Mod, but after it was abandoned me and Mongo didnt tak that much. It was his idea to restart the mod, and I was very reluctant at first. But then I reminded my self how much I love the Terminator Universe.



This is what to expect:


This mod will be based from the Skynet side of the war. This mod is for the Terminator units and there will be no humans.....for now.


Map Ideas:

One of the maps will have 2 small Skynet Time Displacement Labs where the players enter a teleport to a present day section of the map. This present day section will be the primary battle field where there might be some modern day vehicles.


* = Bonus



Battle Future Map - Large Scale Map of the battle field.

Smelting Plant - Large Map where the T800 finally defeated the T1000.


*Resistance Base - Large Scale Map.

*CRS USAF Base - Large Scale Map.



T800 - Player Model from UT2 used with permission.

T1000 - Player Model from JKO used with permission.

T1 - Vehicle

Arial HK Drone - Vehicle

Arial HK - Vehicle

Arial Heavy Assault HK - Vehicle

HK Tank - Vehicle

Plasma Weapons - Weapon Models

*T900 - Player Model

*T-X Leather- Player Model

*T1000 Police Uniform - Player Model

*TX USAF Uniform - Player Model

*Present Day Weapons - Weapon Models



T800 Model 101 "Arnold" - Player Model from JKO used with permission.

John Conner (Future) - Player Model

Resistance Fighter - Player Model

Resistance Weapons - Weapon Models

Tech Pickup Truck - Vehicle Model

Tech Car - Vehicle Model

*General Robert Brewster - Player Model

*Kathrine Brwester - Player Model

*Sara Conner Player Model

*Harley Davidson - Vehicle



Car and Tractor Trailors - Map Objects

*UH1 B212 "Huey" Helicopter - Vehicle

*Car Sedan - Vehicle Model

*T3: Rise of the Machines Soundtrack - Map Music

*Terminator Vision & Hud - Requires Coding?


If you want yo help out or join the team let me know at themadrapper@hotmail.com

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Awesome a Terminator mod. The HK looks outstanding, very authentic to the movie.


Will the Aerial HK be the variant of T1 and T2 or T3's new version?


Will the vehicles be just vehicles or will they be npcs to fight against?


Will there be a Kyle Reese future or 1984 player model?


Good luck with this project hatrus I really look forward to it.

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Here is half of the Arial HK (T2 Version):



The list above has the Arial HK (T2), Arial Heavy Assault HK (T3), and the HK Drone (T3). So thats 3 different version of the Arial HK series. There will be 1 version of the HK Tank (T2), and the T1 from Terminator 3.


Most likely the vehicles will just be vehicles.

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