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More LINKage [Legend of Zelda] WIP


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OMFG! Something horrible just happened!!!!


I was doing my laundry, like I usually do at this time of year - when all of a sudden I notice that Link was missing!!!!


So, I come back, and I open the washer and I find him in there...

but there's one problem:


He shrunk, damnit!



Oh woe is me! I can't even keep my Link from shrinking in the wash!

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Hi! Ive just seen this from the Void Forums from a link someone posted and saw that its coming out soon!


I had a question however... in the Mod Jedi Academy Plus (JA+) The Holster automaticly puts the sword to the right side. However Link is left handed, hence the sheath is pointing to the left, so the Sword is going to be put into the right side, opposite of the sheath. I saw you say something about the weapon being modified for the Open Jedi Project, will it be fixed for JA+ too, or will I just have to deal with it being reversed? Thanks :)

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Since you went all the trouble of modelling young link... could you possible make the required modifications on both young and adult Link in order to give him the diferent set of shields and swords meshes he uses both in Ocarina of Time and Majora´s Mask? I am recalling the awesome mirror shield in majora´s mask with a sad looking and open mouth face.

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Things are happening, in the real world, at the moment...


...And I've decided to ignore the posts, because everything that's been asked, is either done already, I am/was in the middle of...or "no".


Yes, I am adding the holster tags for OPJ.


The left-hand thing: You need new animations, for it to work correctly. Since every playermodel is forced to use the same animation file, to be a valid playermodel. So, deal with it - or make an entirely new set of animations. OR the greatest thing ever: get Raven to release an official JA patch that allows playermodels to use seperate animation files... (NPCs CAN HAVE THIS, WHY CAN'T PLAYERS?! I'M TALKING TO YOU, RAVEN!)


Shields, were done long ago...


I'm not posting any W.I.P. shots...

...except this one:


...until it's released.


Damn, I did it again!

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