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More LINKage [Legend of Zelda] WIP


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Well, that certainly took awhile...


I'm releasing him now, I swear...

...I'd have it up on PCGameMods.com, now, but they're all f'ed up again for some reason...


So, just wait until he's up on JK2Files.com






Link not included - he's just there to model the updated weapons...

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I did. -_-


He has no respect for anyone, it seems. It's a shame to see Antizac being treated so poorly just for being on the moral high ground.


Indeed, it is.

Especially, Antizac builds his models from the ground up, I bet most people could never do that. No respect anymore, heh...



A little off-topic 'Zac, but I was over at Map-Review before it, well, crashed. And saw your Rise of the Empire modification, I hope you haven't given up? I know it's a project that's taken years to make, but just letting you know there's still some interest in it out there...has one of the most impressive city-scapes ever. Period.

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...Antizac builds his models from the ground up...

That's not entirely true...


My earlier models were mostly re-shapes and re-skins of existing JO/JA models (that originally, I was only using for my mod - I figured it would be faster that way) - after awhile, I started, just making more and more things from scratch, which, eventually it turned out to be much more efficient, just doing it that way.


Link, was a re-shape of the Jedi Trainer model, in it's early years. The latest release of Link was, just about, completely re-made. Ganondof was, really, the first, released model I made from the ground-up.


Yes, I've bent the rules before, and used pre-existing models that came with the game (keeping it all within the same corporation, same game, same rules, ect.) - atleast I didn't use anything from another game or from another company's game (a purely console game), for that matter. I atleast tried to be creative.


...your Rise of the Empire modification, I hope you haven't given up?


I haven't completely given up. I still have it all on my harddrive. I just recently, was bored one day and worked a bit more on it, now that you mention it. I need to re-do some of the cutscenes, due to changes in location and dialogue...

If anything, when I finish with the first set of cutscenes, I'll probably release a movie of it.

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