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WIP: Guri for SOTE


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I am trying to work on the Guri NPC for the SOTE mod. I'm getting stuck at one point. I want Guri to behave like the kyle_boss npc in the DS final level of kor2. More specifically I want Guri to use the grappling moves that kyle_boss uses. I think I found the file where this code is located, but I don't know how to read .ibi files. What software is availble for reading/editing .ibi files?


(For reference, the specific .ibi file I'm looking for is located in assets0/scripts/kor2/kyleboss_spawn.ibi)


The current guri model I have is available on my website.


No flames. Helpful posts only please.

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From what I understand about .ibi files, they are the "AI" (not really of course) for the NPCs.


Is it possible to edit .ibi files? IF so...what program?



O.k. I'm downloading the SDK now, so we'll see what happens. Thanks for the advice.

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