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Kyle from south park


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Ohh Ohh! tell me LETS HACK IT!!! :p XD

cmon sjeez, let fighter pilot stay on the forums! just say srry for being a jerk and hell say sorry for raising the most accounts yet on lucasforums ever XD Than its all over and we can all go back to our meaningless lives!!!!!!!!! WHIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!

Say Aye if u agree!

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Originally posted by Pilot Fighter t

I'll apologize to these capitalist pigs right after they'll apologize to me for banning me for no real reason, and not sending me an email to tell me anything about it.

you were banned for a very good reason, don't play innocent. And you're reported again. ;)


If you want to show off your work, make a forum and just take some of these people with you. We won't mind. :)

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