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Does it require 1000+ posts?


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Because I use firefox and thus can't see it anyways. I used to have a pink one before.


Yes I believe the 500-600 bug is true, as I have seen some like Majin in the swamp with one.


Remember not to 'rush' to certain post count levels...


Since the Q has been answered and actually the COC states;

# As always, try to make good threads. Avoid spammy topics, and word your thread's topic so everyone will understand what it is meant to discuss. No threads will be allowed that discuss the number of posts, post status, rank. etc of yourself or another user. Avoid duplicating threads. If there's a thread open that is or is very close to the topic of a thread you want to create, post in that thread. As well, do not make duplicates of threads that have been closed.

I'll have to close it

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