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MV Screencaptures


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I need to ask a favor of anyone who knows how to go about doing this. Can someone here take images from the new Green Day video, Boulevard of Broken Dreams, but only images with just Billie Joe Armstrong (the main guy, with black spiky hair) in them, preferably the one with the camera facing him and he has his arms in the air. I need them to edit in Photoshop and I have no idea how to acquire the images.



If this is not the appropriate location for this, please inform me of its "moved" status.


Thanks in advance.


If you search around, you will find a quicktime version. There is a way to take screenshots in Quicktime...Sivy B used to do it all the time.


Sorry I can't be of more help.

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CTRL + i will give you screencaps in windows media player.


I use windvd to get caps from vid clips, from dvds and mpeg1


for a great list of programs, freeware and shareware for editing formats etc go to http://www.videohelp.com and go to 'Tools' (there will be a picture of acrylic in the top right hand corner of this page.....)


j/k :p



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Originally posted by PhantomHelix

I'm not asking how, I'm asking if someone can do that for me.


I was asking how.


Anways, thanks for all ya'lls help, I used WMP.


Anyways, if you have the video, then you can do it. I don't think anyone has the video.

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