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Stop the Bad SW games! Bring back MOTS?

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Greetings fellow Star Wars fans! If you havent noticed as of late, Star Wars games are getting a bit laxed ever since JK2, Jedi

Outcast. In my opinion, the best game that Lucas Arts has made (as in SW terms) was Mysteries of the Sith. I was thinking that if

I could get enough fans on my side, that we could persuade Lucas Arts to bring back MOTS in Mysteries of the Sith 2, with

excelent single and multiplayer modes like the origional MOTS, with smoother saber dueling than JO, and all of the origional

force powers founded in MOTS and even Jedi Knight: Dark Forces 2!!! I would need some of you input, fellow fans on basic game

play and just over all gaming performance! Thanks again!



what should be kept from Outcast/Academy:


-graphical updates

-dual lightsabers/staff

-lightside force powers-they are passive, which they should be

-weaponry system is good (perhaps better sniper weapon)

-lightsaber stances (good concept, needs tweaked)

-this is where aerial/acrobatic combat should be an OPTION, not a REQUIREMENT

-some could more powerful than others, but not overpowered

-ever hear of the seven forms of lightsaber fighting? I'm sure if you played Star Wars Galaxies you heard

of it at some point. you don't have to believe it, just take a look at it to refer to a system that could


-character customization (heading into the right direction)

-game modes




What needs to be changed from Outcast/Academy:


-focus on multiplayer

-dark side powers need to be less passive (that's what the lightside is about)

-reintroduce force throw (make objects move slower so they're dodgeable)

-reintroduce force destruction (like the ultimate dark side power)

-get rid of Force Drain, Rage is ok though

-some new force powers on both sides

-weaken force push/pull (too decisive in battle)

-more GROUND-ORIENTED lightsaber fighting

-less jumping

-less aerial uber attacks

-less 30 minute fights (what a surprise)

-more FLUID lightsaber fighting

-quicker parries/blows

-more follow ups, less delay between attacks which makes saber fighting choppy

-character classes from MOTS (neat idea that wasn't used)

-jetpack as well as similar accessories would be neat

-force vs. lightsaber mastery

-allotted points for force/lightsaber if Jedi

-dual lightsabers/staff require more points

-lightsaber stances require more points

-less dependency on mods to make the game SEEM better than it is (give us a good building block please)

-kicks AND punches in combat (have no weapon, go old school)

-better server system!



I realize that what I suggest sounds overwhelming, but much of it is possible. What was done with Academy was sad. Shallow

updates/improvements. They just give JK II a new name and call it a different game. As a Star Wars fan, I'm very disappointed

with the "effort" given towards the Jedi Knight sequels. Gameplay comes first.

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