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Endor Siege


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Just a quick note.

Finally after moving halfway across the world, I'm set up again.

Was going to work on some stuff for Doom3 & HL2 but find myself inspired to finish off my Siege_Endor map.


No Pix for now - I no longer have my own website.


Anyways, it will be vaguely modeled after the Battlefront map (Very vaguely).


If there's anything you'd like to see/not like to see gameplay wise in the map, let me know now, so I can incorporate it before I get too far into reworking the previous design I did.


If ya wanna know why I'm doing it - It's 'cos you can't play as a Jedi in Battlefront (As yet).


Will be including my speederbike and the unreleased Ewok Glider.


Hope there'll still be someone left to play this by the time I'm done!

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Any suggestions on where to post screenshots?


I've just started Hacking together various exising models to make an ATST Pilot to go with this and will have to make a Rebel Commando model as well.

Also need to get my Ewok glider model put in game as a vehicle.


Teams Are:

Rebel / Rebel Commando / Rebel Pilot / Rebel General / Wookie / Jedi


Stormtrooper / Imperial Commando / ATST Pilot / Imperial Officer / Scout / Jedi

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I've finally managed to get set up again and while I was going to do some Doom3 & HalfLife2 stuff, those games are sooooo expensive here (New Zealand) I just can't be bothered for now (Not that I don't have some projects in mind).


Still, I'm close to finalizing the map layout for this Endor map - when I can find somewhere to put Pix, I'll post them.

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LK, That would be cool. Thanks.


Finally found some building references that I needed and Sunburn was able to find the interior map of the imperial buker that he had worked on - though I'm only going to use some small sections of it just to keep the level flowing.


Did a bit more work on the ATST Pilot as well, fixing his boots and adding some detail to the helmet and the pouches on his legs. Still have to add the pouches on his arm and the communicator on his arm. Then it will be texturing time - setting it up and doing it PROPERLY is one of the bits that takes the longest. I've seen some suprisingly shoddy efforts recently...

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My old site is gone 'cos I've recently moved from Los Angeles back to New Zealand. They're really stingy with the internet here - $60/mo for 2Mb broadband DSL access with 1 e-mail address and no web hosting.


No, I don't think I'll finish the Nexu - It wasn't working out as well as I wanted.


Anyways, just finsihed reworking the interior of the bunker - there's still stuff to be done but it's about 80% complete (Just have to add some detailing, effects and lighting.)


Will get some pix for Lil Killa to post as soon as I get a chance. Gotta go to work you know ;)

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