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Endor Siege


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Well I just finished the Bot Routing on the second map thismorning and its all good to go (though I may redo it tonight after work).

Was going to have this ready earlier but decided to totally redo the generaotr part of the map and move the combat in there...

Makes a lot more sense gamplay wise.

All the objectives work and everything seems to be working properly.

So my goal tonight after work is to redo the bot routing, double check I've included ALL the files this time (LOL) and then upload the file....

Hope you will give it a try this time - there should be far fewer problems this time around!!! (Fingers crossed!)

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Just regular routing at the moment...

You'll have to edificate me on TABBot routing... I haven't really been keeping up with the mods, since I don't use any myself.


TABBots are the bots I wrote for OJP that are capable of playing Siege. I'm surprised you haven't heard of it as basejka doesn't allow bots in Siege as far as I know.

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I plan to give them another shot tonight or tomorrow. ;)


As for the objectives thing, you could at least have the bots run into each of the areas that would be "activated" by their presence. Bots also (IIRC) automatically are hitting "use" all the time (at least in OJP they are), so you could have them periodically run into "usable" switches in order to simulate those objectives being completed. Just some suggestions anyway...


Razor would have to help you in regards to having the bots actually do the more complex stuff. ;)

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Okay I just tried it, and the graphics look fine (great, actually) now that I've got the proper ATST pilot installed, no noticable missing things. However, I add one bot (bot_minplayers 2) and the announcer says "3... 2... 1..." and then the sound repeats itself over and over as the screen freezes (on 1) and I am forced to reboot my computer. ;P


So still no dice...

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Okay, I played and beat it, wow, nice. I wish the AI would attack me or do something other than run around like chickens with their heads cut off (I mean the NPC's, not the bots, which seem fine). This really needs OJP compatability!


One thing that was a little odd was how the torches would hurt you as you ran up those narrow walkways. I mean sure, it's realistic, but you feel pretty silly when it happens!


Again, you could probably cut down on the file size by just using the generic "Announcer" objective completed messages... but I'm sure you're proud of the custom ones you created. ;) Maybe you could make it a seperate download, for "enhancement"?


The objectives are interesting. I noticed there's no timer like on the other Siege maps. I assume that was intentional... I have no idea if it's balanced or not, since I was playing it alone of course.


I mean you're "hacking" into a big glowing beam of light, right? Hmm... couldn't you put like a little control panel or something to make it seem a bit more natural? Just a suggestion. ;)


Can't wait to see the other maps! I want to see Ewoks and things... :ewok

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Hooray! Glad you finally managed to get it to work Kurgan.

I originally had a little platform thing that you stood on for each objective - but they were kinda hard to find...

Setting the triggers to "use" is the only I can think of to impose a time limit to make you stand within the beam for a set period of time to trigger the objectives.

I'm still working on getting the NPC's to do stuff. Currently you can't even you force powers on them. I had them all set up to use a different script which I tested out in my test map - but when I put them into the actual map, they stopped moving and just stood there. So still sorting that one out.

There's actually a C3PO in one of the huts in the ewok village, but he's invisable until you "use" him... (Not sure why that happens!) Anyway, when used, he spawns some Ewok NPC's to help the Rebels. Still working on getting that to work properly - at least the Ewoks are the right size (though they are armed with blasters!!!)


I've been working on the main "Bunker" map.

All the basic stuff is in place and I have the log traps working - after a fashion LOL (though will probably end up scripting the events) - at least they will destroy AT-ST's if they walk into the traps!

Also added a launch platform for the Ewok Gliders (If I ever get the MD3 models turned into vehicles!)

Started placing the trees last night. Will need a bunch of them to make this map work!

So I have to double the number of trees and then get the Objectives in place.

Will probably have to add fog or something so that there's not quite so much in view at one time.

Also been working on getting the Rebel Commando player model ready for weighting.

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Some good news....

While I've been busy working on getting the 3rd map ready for BETA testing, I've had some help from >][V][< over at Hapslash's void and we now have the Rebel Commando player model working and in game!

I just have to finish the skins for it as they're just temp ones for now...

Will post some screenshots when I can... or you can have a look here:


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OK.. making progress...

All the objectives are in place... but still need a wee bit more testing.

Nearly all the traps are working (After a crude fashion - which I hope to refine through scripting before the final release)

Having a wee bit of trouble with the fog though - my transparent shaders show up as BLACK through the fog, which looks nasty... Does anyone know a solution for this?

The whole thing really needs more undergrowth but its not really practical as that KILLS the frame rate.

Hope to have this allready for BETA release some time late this weekend.

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By now I've managed to test them myself. Impressive work, especially the AT-AT Bay. I had also started that area but I couldn't think of what the big Base Part should look like.


Sadly there are no servers running the maps so I was forced to play them in FFA with crap bots. :D

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You can play them offline in Siege mode you know (use the console). You don't have to put it into FFA mode in order to play... just FYI.


I'm back from vacation now. Is there a new version I can mirror on my page and test out? I don't have much time as finals are coming up, but I'll help any way I can, as always!


You can email me the files zipped up at kurganx@comcast.net and make sure you give a good descriptive subject line (or my spam filter might trash it)!


PS: Has the glitch that makes your map crash when using OJP been fixed yet? It really would be nice to use the improved TAB bots with it!


I see I'm not registered for your forum (maybe I will later if I have time), so...


PPS: As to your Endor trooper, I like it a lot, and I agree with people that the gloves should be toned down (too neon like!). As for the team skins, I honestly would go with red and blue camo. Might seem silly, but remember in those CTF maps there are blue and red areas they could "blend into" heh. Having them use different colors would just stand out far too much and lead to more confusion. Having urban and desert camo is still a good idea, but keep the red and blue for CTF and Team FFA I say.


And if you're going for the full effect, it would be awesome to see Han Solo in a "camo trenchcoat" like he has in the movie! ;)


I really like the progress of this mod, and I'm glad you're not just copying Battlefront... I hope you keep the movie-like elements and retain the JKA feel, despite all the cool embelishments. Can't wait to see test the next beta!

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Map 3 BETA TEST Released!




Of the three maps this one is the least polished at the moment.

Needs considerable work - especially scripting and some help working out why my transparent shaders show up as BLACK through the fog.

Also didn't have time to do the bot routes or NPC routes on this one yet.

Let me know what you think and if any of the files are missing!!!

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