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Endor Siege


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Eh, you just rotate it till it's upside-down. For freestanding things like trees, the angles x y z key is all you need.


And hey, isn't there a way to make a shader generate copies of a model on its surface? The might help with grass/bushes/shrubs. Downside would be, of course, that you can't clip them, so don't try it with trees.

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Wow..not a bad map. Not as good as mine but not bad. :p


Been a long time chaps. I don't map anymore like Gothix there. I am thinking of finishing up 2 or more old JK2 maps lying around though.


Monsoon, I gave LDJ all my files regarding my ENDOR map for JA. If you like maybe email him or I might be able to get some old PK3s lying around. That's 'IF' you want them. I spent a while building a terrain model for a portalsky that turned out real nice. This is also included in the PK3. Pahricida has my tree model you might like. I don't know if he fixed it though...(was Z fighting :S)


If anyones interested you can email me for the files since I wont be needing them. Lots of custom textures and models by me. Map itself is UBER BIG.




Originally posted by GothiX

surfaceModel worked for me last time I tried.


surfacemodel = PWNS



Good seeing you guys still at it........:D

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okay, please, how do you do the alpha map? that link you gave had a paragraph about it, but no tutorial, please, I need to do something with texture blending, but I have NO idea how to work easy gen :(


time consuming is okay with me, and I'm willing to take a bunch of time to learn it if I can get a hold of a link, please, gimme!! :p


oh, and your map is awsome, you going to release a beta anytime soon?

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Just noticed that someone has gone and made an Ewok player model http://www.pcgamemods.com/9547/


Could come in useful....


In the meanwhile - I have nothing new to add as I haven't done anything over Xmas/New Years as I've been sick and felling rather run down.


However things are picking up again so I expect to get back into it this weekend sometime...

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OK, managed to get most of the SIEGE stuff set up over the weekend. still have to draw the icons and map (just using temp stuff for now.), but all the teams/classes are working (with much tweaking needed for them I imagine). I've also started doing the lighting, though that will take a while.

I managed to get the shader working where it places models on the surface of the shader, so there are now ferns dotted all over the landscape. It looks OK.


Now I just have to get the objectives to work!!!

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Rest assured, I'm still diligently working on this.

Just getting a start on the Ewok village section.

Hope to have it ready for ALPHA testing in a month at latest.

That test will be simply to determine that the basic premise works and to ascertain what needs changing.

ALPHA release will be limited to anyone on this forum who is interested...

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Started work modeling the Rebel Commando last night (Currently I have Jan standing in for this model in the team classes).

Roughed out the general shape by grabbing the various bits and pieces from some of the Standard Raven models and then began working on sculpting the custom parts - Helmet, backpack, etc and roughing out a few modifications to the existing model - pockets, jacket hood, funky boot coverings etc...

Should have a unskinned preview ready by the end of the week.

Meanwhile as far as the map goes, its mainly just tweaking all the obkectives to work properly, since there's a faily complicated sequence of triggers and realys for each objective - I know I should script it, but I'm kinda lazy when it comes to scripting (I only use it when I can't find any other way to accomplish something!)

Anyway, I have it all PK3'd and up and running.

I'm sticking in some BOT reinforcements for both teams to pad out player numbers for now.


Screenshots will materialize soon. No... really ;)

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