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Endor Siege


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I too would like to see these images, im trying to build a rather small endor map for Movie Battles and have found no real good referance pics.


EDIT: For those who might have it, the title of the book (I think, just googled it) is: Inside the Worlds of Star Wars: The Complete Guide to the Incredible Locations from Star Wars

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yes it is the Incredible Cross Sections book only has vehicles in it

and i can't find many locations from the book on google

to bad i don't have my endor screen collection anymore :(


i coud advice to look for TYDIRIUM this also has a big number of endor stuf in it ;)

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OK, snuck into the local bookstore with my digital camera and took a snapshot of the cross sections Ewok page!

Plus found the old stage floorplan layout for the village, so using a combination of the two, I'm working on the Ewok village now and am happier with it now.

Still a lot to do on it and am not sure if it will compile yet!

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What have you never tried before but could prove interesting? :p


Couple comments:


-Looks like the walkway shader has no lightmap stage. Add one! Those look way too bright.


-That fallen log in the last shot would look a lot better made out of patches. You could even make it out of patches and turn it into an ASE model to bake in a LOD if you want that.


-Finally, I think those rope rails really need some depth. Did you just texture one side of a flat patch to make them? A cylinder, even a very thin one, would look much better.

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The problem is of course, the trees.

To get it to look like a forest you need a **** load of these - otherwise it looks like really sparse and not like endor at all.

Hence, the comping time is just phenominal at the moment.


Really, I have to get the enthusiasm to go back through and rework the positions and sizes of all the trees.


Trying to make stuff look like a forest in the Quake engine is a nightmare.


If I could've had a little word to Id/Raven about the way the maps blend into the skybox!!!


So currently it looks like a forest - but I can't be arsed waiting four days for it to comp. (And there's three separate maps now!)


Need to rebuild my enthusiasm for the project.

Perhaps seeing Ep3 tonight after work will get me going again.


Still... it will get finished!

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Ha Ha!


Erm... it's been in hibernation for a while.

Acutally would like some help getting it finished or it may never happen.

I just don't have the time I need to get it done by myself...

It's three maps that form one big map that all link to one another.

+ I still have to finsih my Endor Rebel Soldier - so if anyone is interested in helping it would be greatly appreciated although I realize the community is a lot smaller now.




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I do however have another map in development that I am much happier with - it's based on a location in the "Heir To The Empire" novel by Timothy Zhan.

It's about 65% done.

Screenshots when I can.

It's so hard to make time when you have job, wife, kids & mistress!!! LOL

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Ha ha, funny you should mention that, as I've just managed to fix some of the map/shader problems I've been having with this one... so things should be back on track (Apart from the fact I absolutley loathe doing handrails!!! LOL) - If I can just get the Siege Battle Posts to work properly everything should be a go!

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Got a list of about 25 things to do and then part one will be ready for Alpha testing...

Mostly small stuff like fixing a few triggers and making sure all the objectives work (currently the Rebel team's all work - haven't had a chance to test the imperial team) and doing all the siege stuff - Making map, Objective Pix and Objective Icons - which kinda have to be done after you've made the map!

Only Major things are finishing all the frickin hand rails and completing the Rebel Commando model... (Currently using the Jan Ors model here)


Once part 1 is finished, then I'll finish off parts two and 3 which are not too far behind part one (about 65%-75% done!)


Screenshots after the next compile... (So hopefully by Saturday/Sunday) :D

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As per usual, I change something and the map won't comp the lighting stage any more... :(


OK - its nearly all good to go but I have one problem...

I'm currently using a func_static with the "shader switch" option set so it flips between two images.

What I really need is one that flips between 3 that I can set manually.

i.e. so it starts as neutral (white) and depending on which team activates it, changes to either red or blue.

Anyone know of a key/valu combo, shader or script I can use to do this?


So close and yet still so far....... going craaaaaazy! LOL


Will still post some pix today, but they won;t be lit and will look sucky.

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In the entity definition for spawning NPC's, it says:


"These strings can be used to activate behaviors instead of scripts - these are checked first and so no scripts should be names with these names:

default - 0: whatever

idle - 1: Stand around, do abolutely nothing

roam - 2: Roam around, collect stuff

walk - 3: Crouch-Walk toward their goals

run - 4: Run toward their goals

standshoot - 5: Stay in one spot and shoot- duck when neccesary

standguard - 6: Wait around for an enemy

patrol - 7: Follow a path, looking for enemies

huntkill - 8: Track down enemies and kill them

evade - 9: Run from enemies

evadeshoot - 10: Run from enemies, shoot them if they hit you

runshoot - 11: Run to your goal and shoot enemy when possible

defend - 12: Defend an entity or spot?

snipe - 13: Stay hidden, shoot enemy only when have perfect shot and back turned

combat - 14: Attack, evade, use cover, move about, etc. Full combat AI - id NPC code

medic - 15: Go for lowest health buddy, hide and heal him.

takecover - 16: Find nearest cover from enemies

getammo - 17: Go get some ammo

advancefight - 18: Go somewhere and fight along the way

face - 19: turn until facing desired angles

wait - 20: do nothing

formation - 21: Maintain a formation

crouch - 22: Crouch-walk toward their goals "


What are the KEY/VALUE settings to get these to actually work?

(I know it should be KEY: spawnscript, but what's the value? Is it VALUE: medic, VALUE: medic - 15, VALUE: 15???)

And is there anything else you need to do?

Hell! are these even implemented in JKA?




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Considering the func_static of different colours, should it work for both teams independently? I mean should both team be able to go there and change it to their own colour, or just the team that happens to find it first? To be more specific, should it always be first white for both team, no matter if the other has found it before, or does the first team to find it kind of lock it to their own colour?

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