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Endor Siege


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Hollow Log bridge + River objective (Currently "owned" by the Rebels).



Stolen Imperial Shuttle (Currently "owned" by the Rebels).



A bridge into the Ewok village.



Running through the forest.



Rebel Trooper on Speeder Bike by Imperial Scout Outpost (Currently "owned" by the Imperials)



Inside The Bunker



Oh, I'm using simple 2D textures on things for two reasons 1: SPEED - 2:I'd go INSANE trying to model all those logs in RADIANT! And NO I'm not doing them as a misc_model since every platform is different and then I'd be going mad clipping everything. However as the textures were pinched from BATTLEFRONT and are rather LO-RES, I still have to take the time out to redraw them properly.

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Well, it would start of neutral (unowned) then it would turn eith blue or red depending on which team CURRENTLY "owns" it. Ownership can change hands several times. It would only START as white at the beginning of each round.


So... It starts white. If a Blue team member finds it and uses it, it turns blue (or analogously to red if a Red member uses it). But if the Blue member uses it again when it's already blue, it does nothing. But if a Red member uses the blue entity, it turns red.


A neat problem you have got there... My initial instinct would be to rather use three separate entities, perhaps func_usables, rather than one entity and try to control animmaps (or something).


Func_usable seems to have a "teamuser" key for specifically Siege purposes. If you used it with scripting (or a bunch of target_activates and _deactivates) it should be possible to build a hack that would work like I described in the first paragraph of this post.


Like deactivating the one that's visible and activating the one that's invisible. The white one in the beginning should be accessible to both and would be rendered permanently inactive when used once.


Hmm... Considering the start situation scripting might be easier...


Another solution I have also used (kind of, in SP) would be to have a visible, inaccessible func_usable with 2 frame switchable animmap for boths colours. Then the actual accessible func_usables would be made of caulk and thus invisible, but usable. They would then just use the visible func_usable (or the func_static switch shader you suggested yourself). Of course this solution would also require a completely separate white brush as the empty starting piece.


Well, this is all theoretical and based on my imagination. I wouldn't even know how to test something in Siege. The only thing I can do in MP is to devmap and I think that launches a map always in FFA...

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Had been wondering if it was possible to set each anim frame on a shader as a "parm" parameter on the entity and have a script call the appropriate parameter/frame...

Hmmm.... Currently just using a workaround with just Red & Blue. It's crude but adequate.

Will have to look into this more.

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I don't think that's possible. As far as I know, it's just possible to "scroll" through them all one by one, and after you reach the last, it will begin a new round from the first frame. That's the func_usable function with "endframe" defined.

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The reason I ask about the "default" NPC behaviours, is because when you "capture" an objective, you'll get a couple of NPC buddies spawning in to help you.

I just to be able to set their behavior in the entity window if as suggested, that is actually possible. However, I imagine it'll have to be done the long way!


Map is currently comping 12+ hours so far... will find out when I get home if it's still going....

Funny you know the map comps fine overnight - then I "fix" the skybox and part of the terrain that weren't lining up properly and WHAM - comp time goes throught the roof!!! Must be doing it "properly" now ;)


If I can get this comp to finish the lighting stage, I'll be putting this map up at http://www.pcgamemods.com as an ALPHA test. So I can get a bit of feedback on how/if it plays.

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Not so good. Three days of compiling and it still wasn't done... (And it was only taking one night not so long ago) So its back to the drawing board, cuttnig and pasting Elements from one map into a brand new map, piece by piece... doing a test compile. If it works, we move on to the next piece. I hate this... Is there any way to tell if the comp is actually making PROGRESS/doing anything?

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Ok, I've worked it out...

Was being slightly naughty and trying to duplicate and flip my terrain to extend it.

However it was originally 4 units off, (and compiled fine) when I aligned it perfectly, it seems that it had problems telling the difference between the two sections of terrain - thus not comping.

I've reintroduced the offset between the terrain entites and it comps fine now!!!

So hopefully that's all it is!

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I Dunno - I gess I'm just jaded but I found Half-Life 2 really um... well it was OK... but the whole game is really on rails if you know what I mean and I'm OHHHHHHHHH so tired of GRUNGE. They make these wonderful gaming engines that can do some beautiful things and all anyone can do is grungey dilapidated post apocalyptic scenarios.

And all I've seen anyone developing for Half-Life 2 in the mod community is contemporary or near future modern warefare crap.

I just haven't felt inspired enough by the new game engines.

The only reason I did maps for Jedi Knight is 'cos the Multiplayer had SAGA/SIEGE modes which seemed interesting as I'm dead bored of every other multiplayer mode.

Maybe if Battlefront 2 comes with some DECENT modding tools then I might do something - but knowing Pandemic, it won't.

Besides, I've given away my Half-Life 2 now.


OH off topic - but did anyone else think that King Kong demo sucked a*s?

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Well that was not really my intention.

I would though but our maps objectives are quite different than in siege, but we'll see once it's out.


You said JKA bored you and that you only played Siege/Saga so I thought I'd just direct you to our mod since it contains everything those two offer in a polished and improved form.


But enough of the advertise-abuse in this thread.

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No, no - you misunderstand me... I really enjoyed Jedi Academy... Otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time doing this...

It's more that recent fps games have been kinda dull and samey...

Doom 3, Half-Life 2, Quake 4 (Currently giving it a whirl but my poor PC can barely cope with it!!! LOL). From the Demo I've played of FEAR, that sucks too. Gears Of War on X-box looks like more of the same - impressive game engines but just nothing going on originality wise or really trying to push the games with something really new GAMEPLAY wise. Sure there's buckets of atmosphere but thats about it.

The only games I've enjoyed of late has been Grand Theft Auto SanAndreas (Free roaming total environment), Star Wars Battlefront (Star Wars Combat on large scale), Lego Star Wars (Cos it was kinda cool in a silly way and had lots of secret stuff to find), oh and I like Far Cry (cos it had a cool open ended approach to achieving things (and was in a cool environment - well mostly)).

There just seems to be this huge movement towards making everything grungy and ugly and all sort of near future urban combat.

Its dull, dull, dull.

I loved Halo but the 2nd one, I just couldn't get into (probably cos I was playing on the X-box and just hate using contorllers for FPS games)

Everything gets dumbed down for console releases now.

Personally, I'd love to make a really kickass Jedi Knight sequel thats somewhat of a cross between Jedi Academy, KOTOR2, Gran Theft Auto and Battlefront.

And it would have to have really solid saber combat (You know, like where the lightsabers don't pass through each other) and really solid force powers, I mean with the current physics engines, you should be able to pick up an entire X-wing and wave it around... LOL.


But its all my opinion and since I've been playing video games for like twenty years I guess I'm just looking for something new gameplay wise.

Pretty graphics do not a decent game make.

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OK back on Topic!!! I have nearly everything working (and lighting!) so - just need to do a few more tweaks (like adding more spawn points for the teams - currently there's only one each! LOL) maybe adding a couple more tree models.

It's far from complete but I WILL be releasing it for ALPHA testing in the next week.


Though I won't be interested in any feedback about how crap it looks and that I haven't done all the handrails yet and that textyre X looks crap. I'm just wanting to know if it plays well and if the teams are balanced and if the objectives are um, for want of a better word "playable!"

Alas PC Gamemods is down at the moment...

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Yep... open Beta (Alpha.. whatever)

I'll try and post it to a few places.

Was gonna have it for today, but I updated a texture and it didn't replace it properly, so I have to go through the map and realign every instance. Sigh.

Should get it done tonight and have it ready for tomorrow

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Please, please, please tell me that even if you decide to toss this map in with moviebattles, that you DO release a version for us "vanilla" Siege folks!


Some of us would rather just run a siege map than that mod (no offense to the MB2 fans of course). ;)


There are so few addon Siege maps as it is, don't let MB2 suck up EVERY good idea! Don't get me wrong, MB2 looks to be a quality mod, but it changes the gameplay of basejka (plus it's over 90 megs!). Plenty of us find Siege quite fun as it is. We just want more maps to play it on!


Also, don't forget to include the Objectives icons on the radar! (Too many maps have just glowing dots, which gets confusing and looks crappy).


Looks awesome so far. I had given up hope somewhat on this, as many other awesome siege projects that got sidetracked or died (like the ill-fated Siege Hoth).


Good luck!


PS: I can post a mirror of any files if you want, in a reasonable timeframe, if that will help. Just email them to me zipped with instructions.

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Please, please, please tell me that even if you decide to toss this map in with moviebattles, that you DO release a version for us "vanilla" Siege folks!

Well, as far as I can see monssontide only stated that if Pahricida wanted to convert it to a MBII map he could do it. He didn't say he was making it as a MBII map ;)


There are so few addon Siege maps as it is, don't let MB2 suck up EVERY good idea!

I don't think we've ever "sucked up" any good idea for Siege maps (as in - persuaded people who originally wanted to make a basejka map to make it a MBII one). All our maps are either heavily modified FFA maps (which were originally released for basejka/basejo - e.g. Jabba's Palace, Sith-J's Tatooine map etc) or have been made specifically for MBII (i.e. the mappers didn't want it to be a Siege map in the first place).


Don't get me wrong - I'm taking no offense from your post. Just wanted to clear that up ;) Before I joined the MBII team I've been a long-time Siege player as well and I agree that Siege desperately needs some (good) new maps.



On topic:


Looks very nice, monsoontide.


I've already been a big fan of Bast Castle and I'm sure as a map that's been designed with a more linear layout this one will turn out even better playability-wise :) Just don't include lifts of doom ;)


Out of curiosity - which filesize does Endor have atm? If it's close to the one of Bast Castle you might want to hint server admins at increasing sv_timeout - I remember that when testing Bast Castle quite a few people couldn't join the server (due to the filesize they timed out before the map had finished loading on their comp) if that cvar was set to the standard value.

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