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Why are the mods here having such a hard time understanding that the promised new patch for PS2 has NOT yet been released?


I refer you to this page:



That was posted November 3rd on the LA discussion site. PS2 users got a patch very early (begining of October), but nothing since then. Certainly not the kind of patch refered to in this message from the developers, dated October 15:



My threads in no way related to the PC 1.11 patch refered to here:



The threads related to an ongoing problem of lack of support to the PS2 community, as well as people's feelings about what will be / should be in the new patch, which I will say again for clarity's sake, HAS NOT YET BEEN RELEASED.


But go ahead and lock this one too...

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It's true that the PS2 patch has not yet been released. But your topic was over spawn invincibility and increasing tickets, right?


Over at the Lucas Arts message boards, there is a note from a PS2 developer mentioning the possibility of changes in the next patch.


What caught my eye was a mention of possible "spawn invincibility" option for server admins. I don't see how this would work. It came up as an idea after countless people were complaining about vehicle spawn camping.


But with spawn invincibility, how would command posts be captured? Killing the new re-spawns are crucial to capturing them. We've had the spawn camping discussion, and I think we all agreed that it's only lame when it's in a vehicle, or if there is no effort to take the command post.


Maybe it would work if the invincibility only worked when the command post was not in the process of being changed over to the other team. In other words, the presence of an enemy infantryman near your CP would turn off invincibility.


The other big update, which I am excited about, is the ability for PS2 server admins to change the number of entry tickets.


PC users already have this, and this is where 1.1 was discussed



It doesn't matter whether its out for PS2 or not, the discussion you wanted to start was about these 2 features which already were being discussed.

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Okay, I see I made an honest mistake here. Reading through your post I somehow took "PS2" as "PC" and figured this was another asked and answered post.


My apologies for locking it, since you say the patch you wanted isn't actually out yet. As far as discussing the features in question, the 1.11 sticky would be just fine. Since we don't have a PS2 dedicated forum for SWBF, and if you really want to discuss that, go ahead and start another thread (with appropriate thread title), with my blessing (go ahead and quote this post I'm making right now too so nobody else gets confused).


Again, sorry about that. Even I make mistakes sometimes!


PS: If you one of us do something you are puzzled at, go ahead and PM the person, that will reach us a lot quicker than some angry thread in here.

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I am with you on this one. I refuse to run a PC Dedicated Server for the PS2 until the new version comes out.


LucasArts made a note that they were going to release this a long time ago, and not only do we not have it... but it seems like they might not release it at all now.


A simple message from the developers would save alot of frustration.

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