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screenshot (possible spoilers)


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ok i bought myself a copy of this months official xbox magazine, admittedly i dont always buy it but as it had kotor 2 on the front cover i felt compelled to do so


now it says it has a review of kotor on page 58 however on page 58 you have a picture that all us kotor fans will recognize straightaway and it takes up 2 pages you then turn the page over and the first thing you notice is a screenshot with 7 people waving lightsabres


in the middle is someone (who i presume is your character) holding a purple lightsaber and he is fighting with a red lightsaber weilding sith around you are another 4 jedi turned sith


and then there's another jedi who has her back to you but from the way she is holding her lightsaber i would assume its a yellow doublebladed lightsaber and from the back she looks like

Bastilla so i could be wrong but if you didnt kill her in kotor it might be possible that she does return to kotor 2



however i have looked on the ign site and kotor2 site and i can not find the same screenshot to give you a link to see it so unfortunately if you want to see it you'll have to find it online yourselves or buy the official xbox magazine and see it for yourselves



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Originally posted by GodVegeta1982

I think its just a test run with old charaters!

i doubt that this close to the release date, i'm also not totaly convinced malak is the sith in thie pic


but if it is its a very young malak


hey maybe its malak's son lol :D

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Originally posted by Hannibal

Star Wars has never messed with time, that's a Star Trek thing. ;)


Quite TRUE...budgets are a %$@! hehe ;)


[Kirk] We're.. out of cash... Bones, what..do..we...do...


[bones] Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor not a producer, just make another low budget "Back in Time" episode...


[spock] That would be the logical thing to do...I'll just wear a hat


HOWEVER to give StarWars it's own 'thrashing'...they may not have a "back in time" problem...but they sure as hell don't know anything about time sequencing..


[Lucas] hmmm.. yeah we'll start with...ummm..errr.. Episode 1! ...NO wait..make that Episode 4. If thing is a hit, I'll have a buffer to become the Corporation that I never want to be :rolleyes:

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