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What Is This About Possible Spoiler


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I'm not sure if anyone really knows at the moment. There's several theories flying around however.


1) Dream Sequence / Flashback perhaps?


2) Just used as "placeholder" models for screenshot purposes (though why they would choose these particular ppl is beyond me)


One of the things I always thought may something to do with it is


there's one particular line that Master Zhar (twilek) says to you...if you respond to Master Vandar's statement about you and Bastila sharing a dream (something to the effect of "What?! how did you know I had a dream?"...or something like that)


"Connections often form between Master & Student, but rarely do they form so quickly."


I don't ever recall Bastila being my Master/Trainer. Maybe YOU (the pc) was Bastila's mentor in some manner before the StarForge?....don't know..just something that always bugged me...


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