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Clone Wars DVD release date and cover art

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Originally posted by Sivy

http://www.starwars.com has got a preview of the next lot of clone wars cartoons... but only for hyperspace members :(


if they're any HS members here we would appreciate a description of what’s the preview consists of


If they do, please use the spoiler tag OR confine it to the "Episode III Spoilers Allowed" forum.


After all, we have been told that Season 3 of the Clone Wars series spoils at least a few important things in Episode III (namely, the events of the opening crawl).


Since it will be shown a scant few days after Episode III premieres in theaters, that's still no excuse to post the spoilers without the proper tags and warnings (or in the appropriate forum).


Consider this fair warning!


Note: some episode III spoilers (at least one I can think of) exist in season 2 of the Clone Wars, but so far nobody has tried to post that in the non-spoiler forums without the tags, so I haven't felt the need to crack down.


"Jumbotron" is the name of the rather huge (not sure if it's the biggest in the world, or just the country) tv screen posted in NY's time's square. I read a few years ago about how it was going to be replaced with a more advanced version, but anyway, it's a big big big, tv!

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wow K, I dont think Ive seen you here much recently. To pick up on these things in obscure forums you must have some form of superpower :p !!


yes, there is a character spoiler in season 2 of clonewars, that prolly might be it ........



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