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Mediablitz's bitter newbie server list


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Originally posted by mediablitz

I know you are kidding around Rumor but show fallen some respect on these boards. Check out DSbr's old site:




check out the TWL scores. FK (who was undefeated on TWL in full force tffa except for the fots hacking fiasco) gave DSbr a pretty good match even though they weren't a full weapon ctf clan, and had barely ever played it. In all fairness (i'll be the first to point out how elite DSbr was) if it had been saber only ctf, FK would have romped them way worse than DSbr beat them in full weapon.


Uh...i talk to matt all the time, i also get my hosting from him, and i know quite a lot more than you think i do.


As rem said, its very hard to give someone respect after hearing them butcher a jackson five song.


But then, when i'm at cpl this summer i'll be calling him before our matches to sing to us.

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Originally posted by hgwall44

go to chop shop. I go there a lot. There are several people who will tell you the best time to fire and stuff like that. Its great.


Media i was trying to watch the JASA vid just to see what all went wrg. But it failed for some reason. Gave me a page of code.


Save that page as a text file, then remove the .txt suffix so the file name is mbzvjasa.dm_26.

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