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Spiffy And Eltee's Movie Mish-mash Extravaganza™


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Originally posted by Alien426

OK, the Turtles and Gremlins ones now make perfect sense. I didn't recognize the outfits of the guys in the van and thought that Mogwai's paws were... something else.


Spiffy #4: The Green Mile

Spiffy #7: Se7en


Wrong and wrong.


Hellbeard's were correct, though.

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I can't remember all of Spiffys movies, so I'll let him put up a list, but as for mine:



The answers contain an explanation of the scene they depict, so if you haven't seen the movie in the answer, but intend to in the future, don't read the explanation!!




1. Fargo

(Mrs Lundergaard attempts to phone the police as she is attacked by Buscemi and Stormare)


2. Die Hard 2: Die Harder

(John McClane tries a last-ditch attempt to warn the doomed airplane that they're going to crash)


3. Hannibal

(Lecter slashes one of the Italians who are trying to capture him and he flies backwards into chairs leftover from the lecture)


4. Home Alone 2: Lost In New York

(Daniel Stern as Marv is trying to turn on the taps to wash the paint off his face as Kevin fires up an electrical generator)


5. The Maltese Falcon

(Bogart answers the door to two suspicious detectives as Lorre and Astor hide in his apartment)


6. Leon / The Professional

(the SWAT team prepare to enter Leons apartment)


7. Death Becomes Her

(Bruce Willis looks on in horror as a doctor informs him that his wifes heart has stopped beating)


8. Armageddon

(Steve Buscemi is horrified as an FBI agent approaches him in a bar, fearing the worst)


9. Bound

(Joe Pantoliano spends a busy night washing a suitcase of money that has been covered in blood)


10. Tremors

(Walter Chang sees an opportunity to make some money out of the "snake monster" that attacked Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward)




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Originally posted by LucasTones

Walter Chang... Kevin Bacon and Fred Ward

Somebody can't distinguish between actors and characters. Just beware, soon you'll be stalking Christopher Lee for biting those poor maids!


How much did I win and when are you going to send me the money?

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alright here's all of mine.


i'm not going to invisitext this.



2-shattered glass

3-teenage mutant ninja turtles

4-das (the) experiment

5-office space


7-the royal tenenbaums



10-three kings


haven't seen any of these movies? see them. Whether you like them or not is up to you, but see them anyway.

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