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A little Vega in the oven......


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Originally posted by Iwok

Iwok is definately the way to go.......for a mon cal......... My birthday is in May too :) May 2nd.


My wife is going to have to answer some serious questions if it is a Mon Cal!!


I tried to push the name Annakin but my wife quickly shot that one down.

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hehe congrats man, though you'll never be prepared for the nights of endless screaming...and diapers needing changed left and right, and when teething comes around *cringes* OOOHHH and you'll never forget pottytraining, lol hehe. NO I don't have any of my own...I just take care of my little brothers and sisters while my mom works full time...so ya lol oh try being as cooperative and supportive of your wife at all times. (she's your wife right???:p )


Heh but what do I know I'm only 14 hehehe

P.S.-let the mom name the kid lol in general us guys don't have the best of names for the kids.;)


(((My B-DAY is in MAY too lol mines 9th...SW ep.III comes out in MAY TOOO!!!!!!)))

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