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anyone know why i would get this?

( i go to the line the error is at )

and all that is on the line is




btw its the update legs anim function,,


and i havent been messing with death anims or anything,,

so i dont know why im getting this,


it only happens if alot of people are playing, so its somthing uniqe

or random , i think ,


if i ignore it , twice, i get a in game error of


cVar handle: out of range...



this one makes no sence to me fella's ... so ,, PLZ HELP!?!?

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well, about vehicles,, when i was crashing i had no vehicles.

but i just moved all the files i new i modded onto a fresh SDK

. but i left out the vehicle file by mistake,,


but i ran a 20 player bot server for 90 mins, with no problems,

so it could posibly be the vehicles. ill leave a game on tonight when i go to bed, see if it lasts all night.

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asserts are a debugging function that pauses debug mode whenever the check statement is true.


In this particular case, I beleive the code is checking to make sure you're only running death animations on an entity that has been flagged as being dead.


This can occur for a variety of reasons when you've changed things in the code. In fact, this problem even occurs in the baseJKA code (something involving the wampa on siege_hoth).

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