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A Time of Reckoning (Star Wars)

Evil Dark Jedi

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Ill try a different one. Since the clone war one is to RPGish I will try a different one. It is set 100 years before KOTOR


Chapter One:


As I woke up from the same dream I had been having for a couple of weeks I noticed it was the middle of the night here on Dantooine. I got out of bed and walked into the council chamber.


In the council chamber there was another jedi sitting down on the rug infront of the councillers seats. The jedi councillers since it was the middle of the night were in their own beds. I went down to the jedi meditating. I put my hand on the jedis shoulder and startled her. It was a woman jedi meditating. "Oh hello Master Zala" I said as I saw her face. Master Zala was my master. "Hello my padawan" said Zala.


"What are you doing here?" I said as I sat down next to her. "I am meditating" she said. "How long have you been here?"

"About an hour" she said. "Ok master."


"Why are you here?" Zala said. "I had a dream. A strange dream. I dreamt that I was facing 5 sith on my own. I killed them all like I was a sith. When I unmasked them they all had my face on them."


"That is a strange dream. But remember dreams can betray you" she said. "I dont know. I have been having it for a week. And it seems to be getting clearer and clearer."


The next morning I was out in the Dantooine fields with Zala. We were both training on the wild beasts that lived in the fields. 'Kath Hounds' people called them. As we reached the field two kath hounds ran at me. I ignited my saber to reveal a clear blue blade. My master ignited her blade to reveal a green blade.


I swung at one of the kath hounds which sliced it's head. It fell to the ground dead. My master was busy fighting a horned-kath hound. I killed the other hound with a throw of my saber. My master at the moment killed the horned kath hound. We went to another part of the fields to find a few chiss mercenaries. As they saw as they fired at as. I ignited my saber and blocked the bolt coming at me. Zala was up at one of the chiss. I jumped at one of the chiss. They chiss pulled out a vibro-blade. I swung at the blade and it suprisingly it did not break in half.


I looked at the blade and saw that it had a small device attached to the hilt. The hilt glowed green. I pushed the chiss away then knocked him out with stun. I turned around and ran to Zala. "I think we should tell the jedi council about the mercenaries and their new technology" I said. "Yes we should" replied Zala. Zala and I ran back to the jedi temple and into the councillers chamber.


Chapter 2 Preview- "I want you and Zala to go to the Chiss homeworld."

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(Major Bumpage)


As we entered the councillors chamber they were startled at our speed of entering. "What brings you here at such great speed?" said the eldest member Master Denmar. "The...Chiss..are here" I said panting. "Really?" said Denmar. "Yes. And they have a new technology. A technology that makes our lightsabers usless against there melee weapons" said Zala. "Ah I see. We have seen this for a long time. But we did not know when it you come. I want you and Zala to go to the Chiss homeworld" said Denmar once again.


Zala and I walked out of the chamber and headed for the hangar. I went to docking bay Z-21 while Zala went to docking bay Z-25. As I entered the bay I found my ship. A sith fighter which had crashed on Dantooine when I was very young. I repaired it myself. I got into the fighter and took off. I saw Zala's ship on my radar. She was right behind me. We entered hyperspace as soon as we left Dantooine's atmosphere.


After 5 minutes of travelling through hyperspace we reached the Chiss homeworld. Our plan was too land at two seperate places and infiltrate the estimated main manufacturor of the technology. As I headed down I noticed the place where we were supposed to get inside. It was a huge complex. I landed my fighter in a clearing in a forest.


(Sorry about the shortness of this chapter but I am really tired. It's around 1 in the morning.)


Chapter 3:"What are the sith doing here?"

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I got out of my fighter and walked into the forest. A few native wildlife got in my way trying to get to the complex. As I reached the outer wall I saw two security cameras hanging near the rim of the wall. I thought of what to do. I could either destroy both of them or use force speed. I decided to use force speed. I used it and ran straight at the wall and put my back on it once I reached it.


Zala meanwhile was already in the complex in the rendevous spot. She had seen a few Chiss walk past. She looked around tyring to locate a door. She then saw a sith patrolling group walk past. "What are the sith doing here?" said Zala quietly.


I jumped up on top of the wall and jumped down behind a crate. I ignited my saber and cut the box open. Out fell blaster rifles. I grabbed one and strapped it around on my back. I looked around for the place Zala and I were supposed to meet. I saw her hiding behind a stack of crates. He sent a force message to her, telling her he was to the left of her.


Zala heard the message and looked around and saw her apprentice. She signalled him to look for a door. Zala kept looking around and saw a gap open in the silver main building. A group of Chiss walked out and the door started to close again. She used force speed and ran through the door. She looked to the right of her and saw her apprentice.


"Hello Master" I said. "Hello. Know we must find were the construction place is" said Zala. Zala and I kept walking and saw some two dark jedi carrying crates. "Why are we subjected to manual labor for" said one of the dark jedi. The other replied"Because our master wants us to help the Chiss defeat the jedi by making lightsaber resistant chips that get put into there blades and weapons. I looked at Zala then looked back the the dark jedi. I pulled my blaster out and fired two shots. One at each dark jedi. They were unaware and both got hit in the head. Zala rushed out and lifted the two crates and the dark jedi's bodies over to me.


Chapter 4- "This is all we need to do lets go and report to the jedi council."

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