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A touching holiday story


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I was at the mall the other day doing some last-minute shopping when I came across a small boy. He was dressed in what might as well have been rags, and he looked like he had not had a bath in a few days. He was leaning face-first against the wall and it looked like he was crying. I walked up to him and said "Excuse me, son, what's the matter?"


He turned to me with huge tears in his eyes. He held out a $100 bill in his hand and said "I had two of these. My dad is a horrible mean drunk, and he is too sorry to get out and do the shopping, so I got together what I had been saving up to get my family Christmas presents. A minute ago, a man came by and took one of my $100 bills."


"My gosh," I thought. "Why didn't you yell for help?" I asked the young boy.


"Well, sir.....I did." He answered.


"I've been around for a while, and I didn't hear anything. How loud did you yell?" I asked him.


"Like this, sir" And he let out a small yelp that I myself, standing right beside him, had to strain to hear.


"Is that the loudest you can yell, son?" I asked.


"Yes sir, it is" He answered with tears in his eyes.




























So I took his other $100 bill.




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