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Affiliate Tribute!!

Wraith 8

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ok guys i made my first movie :)

its a tribute and memory to all affiliates. a mensioned a few affiliates in the movie. if your not amongst them that doesnt mean i didnt like you or that i forgot. lets just say the people i told about are the people that made a very lasting impression on me...


its downloadable on lucasfiles:

starwars galaxies an empire devided fan films




I wil remember.


Corzip Dinn


P.s. finish the entire movie :p

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I loved the movie except for one thing.. all Iwok got was 'helped make the movie'..lol. And the robe :p You should of put like Zeto tirelessly grinding to Jedi or something.. and have me killing things with my LS, heh.


Good Job Cor :)

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yeah well right now its 4 active members...








occasional guest appearances by




doing great though...i just got to grind those teir 4 boxes for master pilot *grumbles 3.5million xp*

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