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I would like to put the banner on one of my sites and link it to the Dig Museum, just like the instruction says.


However, despite the banner being in gif. format, it becomes bmp. when I save it. Therefore it naturally doesn't move. What's wrong and how can I save it as gif.?


By the way, I love Brink in that cute hat!

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Originally posted by VampireNaomi

My dad refuses to use anything else.

You know, Firefox doesn't have to replace the IE. On XP machines you still have to use IE for Windows Updates anyways. You could install FF, import the favorites and stuff and not make it the default browser.


You should tell your dad to read "Follow The Bouncing Malware" (part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4). I don't know if FF could prevent that scenario from happening, but it's generally the safer browser.

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