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Mandalore Returns...


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After years after the destruction of Vader and the Death Star. The Rebels were celebrating, the galaxy was at peace. Though one day a mandalorian showed up on a strange planet on the on the outer rim. He and his small squad of men and women began making a civilization. Soon the planet had a leader. A leader named Mandalore, a leader who wants to conquer the galaxy....


They are sending a fleet to some Rebel planets to conquer them. The fate of the galaxy is in your hands...



You can be anything from Star Wars you want


No Godmoding


No Plot changing unless you consult me first


Have Fun!




Age: 20

Sex: Male

Faction: Rebels

Rank: Jedi Master

Usual Clothes and appearance: Trent

Ship: The Donow (Heavily Modified Republic Cruiser)

Weapons:Blue Lightsaber,jetpack, Jedi Master Robes

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Trent and a few elite rebels were on Hoth. There mission was to destroy the Sensors array so the Republic Cruisers could bomb the stormtroopers(yes there are still stormtroopers). Trent and some jedi headed into Echo Base. They didn't sense anything suspicious so they turned a corner and ran to the sensors array controls.


"Here Steph hack into the console and ill watch your back." Said Trent


Steph was there teams hackor. She knew everything there was to computers.


Suddenly they heard footsteps. Steph stopped, Trent looked around, and the rest of the rebels and jedi positioned themselves. The footsteps were heavy and could be heard through the whole base. Suddenly 3 Mandalorians appeared.


"What the..." Steph was cut short as the mandalorians started blasting everyone. Trent narrowly escaped into his Cruiser and he blasted off.


He gave the signal to bomb the base. Republic ships lowered down and destroyed every remnant of the base. They headed back to Yavin 4 to relax.


"Im telling you Luke, there were mandalorians!" Yelled Trent

"Well even if there were, your safe here." Said Luke

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Wow, it's been a while since an RPG got my attention...


Name: Dann

Age: 48

sex: male

Faction: The highest bidder

'rank': Bounty hunter

Clothes and appearance: http://www.ctrlaltdel-online.com/images/gallery/finished/jedi1.jpg

ship: 'The Kessel runner', a modified YT-2400 Correllian transport. Like the Outrider: http://www.starwars.com/databank/starship/outrider/

Weapons: DL-44 heavy blaster pistol, vibro knife (cortosis layer), sequencer charges.


I'll just wait 'till you get to a place where my char can contact you...

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this rp needs a villian







ship-uses a baslisik war driod

weapons-double virbo blade,heay repeating rifle



Commander-We will now assault the planet known as Kamino Prepare for drop.


Yes Sir


(drop commences)

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"Ok well I heard something from a friend, he said something about strange attacks on Hoth, hop in my cruiser and we can be off!" Said Trent


So he got in his cruiser and waited for the others.


(sorry I was gone so long, 6th grade camp tore me away from electronics)

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Age: 230

Sex: Male

Faction: Rebels

Rank: wookie trooper

Usual Clothes:None. wookies don't wear clothes

appearance: hairy and brown

Ship:The Wookie Rider (Maccrow Freighter)




Shorbacca was working on Trents cruiser ""roar(do? u require my services)

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"Fine meet you there." Said Trent


He rose up and blew off into the space. He was nearing Hoth. He was preparing to land when out of nowhere, his ship got blasted. His ship was ablaze, falling into the atmopshere. His ship landed with a loud THUD.


"Uh what the hell was that." Said Trent

"You there come with us, quick hurry before they come." Said a dirty woman who looked as though he had been in a prison for a very long time


"Hey look there she is!" Said a mandalorian

"You better get out of here or we might report you to the boss!" Said the leader


"You want to leave without the woman now." Force persuaded Trent

"Yes Sir!" Said the Mandalorians


"Thank you so much!" Said the woman

"Your welcome, now why don't you go wait in my ship with me while we wait for my teamates" Said Trent

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"Over here." Said Trent getting out of his smokey ship


Trent walked over to Zoric. He told him about the mandalorians he encountered earlier. He had holographs too.


"So we have to wait for Luxa." Said Trent

"Oh and meet Shelia." Said Trent again


The woman walked out of the ship. She was tall and had emerald eyes. She had blonde hair and beautiful smile. And you can't have here. I mean she said hi to Zoric >.>.

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"She was a mandalorian prisoner, they kidnapped her and a whole bunch more people." Said Trent and Shelia nodded


"Man when is Luxa getting here."

"Oh and Zoric, Ive heard your a good mechanic so can you help me repair my ship?" Said Trent as he picked up a box of tools

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"Something blasted me while I was landing, and there is major hull damage, shields aren't functioning, and the engines are fried, I think it is unrepairable, if that is so I need you to get me some parts to fix it from a station nearby." Said Trent


"yup its unrepairable." Said Shelia

"Well if thats the case, we will stay here and I need you to travel to G-YZ01, its a space station not to far from here, heres the coordinates on the datapad." Trent handed Zoric a datapad

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Luxa came out of hyperspace and saw three red blips on her scanners.

"damn enemy fighters, this should be fun." Luxa went into a downward spiral then whipped back up wards to face the oncoming threat. all three fried on her, luxa dived, rolled the came up beside them and fired a proton torpedo and took out on, the other two broke away and came aroudn for another run, luxa maneuvered around one of the fihgters shots right into the paht of the others.

"damn, trained little air scrubbers" Luxa said as he pulled around and did a hammerhead flip to come right behind both of them, she fired and destroyed one. the other peeled away into some fancy maneuvers, luxa followed.


for 10 minutes luxa and the other fighted danced sometimes firing shots, but at once both of them whipped straight at each other, luxa switched all power to front sheild and guns, she fired and destryoed the ship then got clipped as she turned away by the fighters shots, luxa's ship was damaged, she headed down to hoth where she made a not so great landing.

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