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Star Wars Cups


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I recently aquired a Star Wars collectable cup and action figure at Target. I have to say that these cups are great collector items. They also come with a neat basic figure that corressponds with the cup. Overall, with a major retail price of $10, it is a good buy!



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Originally posted by ZBomber

I dunno, I thought it was a pretty lousy way to scam us out of our money.


And they won't be worth anything, since everyone picked up about 100 of them each.


Did you ever find Leia? I never did nor do I plan on paying alot of money for a figure I already have just for a ripoff cup of some Burger King thing.


I think they're neat, nothing excellent but certainly a different thing from the rest of the rehashes Hasbro usually dishes out for us. The PotF2 Luke "X-Wing" (it's Snowspeeder gear actually, he's got the white gloves and boots) was retooled slightly to make him have a heavier flight jacket on like he does wear on Hoth. Other than that, I could have done without them.

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