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hell yea introduce yourself!


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I'm Jan Gaarni, from Norway.


I'm 27 (and ahalf :D ) and I'll be your local Mod for the ... well, eternity I hope. :D


Some of you may know me from the SWGalaxies.Net forums, which I will still be active in (no matter how dead it is :D ). It's where I grew up you might say. ;)


If there is anything you wonder about, or want to report, just contact DarthMaulUK (the Admin) or myself, or one of the many SuperMods.

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Guest DarthMaulUK

I'm DMUK to everyone around here. Been on these boards for 4 years in June! wow!


Started on Galactic Battles.com, helped out with SWGalaxies.net and will be working on Republic Commando.net and of course Empireatwar.net (which will point to GB.com)


Galactic Battles.com will be the LFN Network RTS central, combining EAW and Galactic Battlegrounds.


My age? Well, i will let you figure that one out :p



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I'm Piece of metal..

And i don't know a hell of this game..

(Never EVER heard of it)

I'm 12, 13 in september..


Oh, and DMUK, Where you born 1912?

Because that's your number of posts...

So if you where a member since 1912....1 post per year.

And you are.. 96 years old (????)

Edit: 34? Are you 34?

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Hey all


I'm lukeiamyourdad but you can call me luke or luke's dad or LIYAD. Or even forum transvestite:p


I'm 17, soon to be 18(and drinking), live in a nice place called Montréal, Québec.


I'm actually one of the survivors of GalacticBattles.com one of its last members(at least a while ago :D )


I stood there for about 2 years waiting for news of this new RTS and am more than happy that it finally comes out.


I suppose this is a new beginning for me as I am going to leave the old forum for this one.


I hope I can get to meet nice(r ;) ) people here :D


If you're wondering, I do have a female avatar but I'm actually male. Just don't hit on me. It has happened before x_x

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Known as DarthMuffin or Dark_Coffee, but stuck with this strange username I created when I started to play SWGB (i.e., almost 3 years ago (and I still don't have 700 posts :rolleyes: )).


Living in Montreal, Canada and quite proud of it.


I've started to post at the LFs when SWGB came out, and moved to GeeBee.com off topics some time after. I'm proud to say that I have defended WarCraft 3 against hordes of AoM/AoE fans in a couple of debates there.


Oh, and I'm also 17 (hey luke, we have more in common than I thought :) )

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