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Jedi's: Final Test


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Oetch flipped off his saber and and jogged down the path. Suddenly he heard a voice in side his head you have failed me...failed me...failed me.. the voice echoed. its just part ofthe test he thought. But he was distracted and two sith popped up. He immediatley recovered and ingited his duble bladed lightsaber. he worked on holding off both of them, burningone of them


((no one help him, its part of the test.))

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I walked along the path slowly, the other jedi were up ahead and fighting others that had came along. There was something in the distance, something familiar, my mother... and they were held hostage by some sith, maybe three of them. I surged forward with great speed and leapt over the other jedi and continued on towards my family. The sith saw me coming and one of them came towards me while the other two held my family.

"You'll pay for this," I whispered to them.

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Oetch saw the ledge ahead and did a triple frontflip forward. He landed gracefully. But just as he landed the ledge he was standing on broke and he began to fall. But he caught himself with the force and slowly flew upwards. he landed on the ledge next to zoric. "Something isn't right. he began "This is-" suddenlya mirage of the jedi council appeared and he was engulfed by it . It soon seemed like real life. Mace Windu go up and said "You failed me Tisimia." Oetch turned around ashamed and started walking down the hall of the Jedi Temple." soon he was back in real life. And he was actually walking, right off the cliff! It had been a trcik the whole time with the mirage. But luckily he grabbed onto a rock and slowly started to climb back up the ledge.

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Troezen fought five dark jedi. But he could not fight them all. suddenly he got stabed in the leg and then in the arm and then his left arm got cut off.


He rolled around in pain. Then two of the sith went to stab him with his own lightsabers, which he dropped.


He kicked them both in the chest and with the force got one of his lightsabers and stabbed one of the sith, and started fighting another. He soon killed one more.


He kept fighting and fighting and soon killed another.


There were still two left and he only had one arm and he was feeling weak.


He fought one and kicked the other one away.


he got stabbed again and fell to the floor in pain.

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The second sith fell with ease, a simple slice through the chest finished him. As I charged at the last sith he, and my family disappeared.

"Blast!" I said to myself.

I then ran toward the others, cleared the cliff with ease and joined them.

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Name: Adrian

Age: 23

Speaces: Human

Sex: Female

Power's: immense battle precognition(acting before the opponent even strikes), very good saber skills

Greatest fear: her father

Lightsaber: single Orange Saber


Adrina landed after everyvbody had already left, she started to run but was soon met by three dark jedi, keeping her momentum she fliped up and hind one of them and broke its neck thne ignited her saber and stabbed the other in the stomach and ducked, rolled and sliced the toher oen in half.


Adrina was running, dodging falling rocks and jumped over chasms, she could sense others up ahead. Adrian force lept over a big chasm and landed amoungst other jedi.

"heh sorry i'm late."

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