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Best Vehicle?


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*dumps (es)jubjub to the literacy council for schooling*


No vehicle is especially good for killing Jedi, that I've noticed. Just thermal detonators when they're at the edge of platforms. As for vehicles, the Hailfire tank is probably the best/most powerful vehicle in the game. Especially with the stock Geonosis map, where you can make an end run around the AT-TEs and park it on the repair droid while destroying the assembly area from behind. :rolleyes: Come to think of it, most things you'll need to fire on, for that map, can be fired on while parked in front of a repair droid :rolleyes:

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Originally posted by Jennaida

Definitely, Redtech. I wish it were on more levels as well. Take note of this, modders! :)



That's why I put the Hailfire Droid on my Naboo: Encounter map. Make sure you have the latest version (2.0).


Also, I really dislike the default MTT in the game. That is why I modified it to perfection for my Naboo: Encounter map. It shoots better lasers, which are actually good, it has a hovering sound (the MTT one, the one it is supposed to have), it has more armor, the speed and turning rate have been tweaked too.


I love my MTT!! :)


Anyway, the best vehicle to kill Jedi or Sith with are Speederbikes. It's so fun to just run over them and then they drop their lightsabers and they fall to the ground, justlying there...LOL!!


- Majin Revan

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{You sure he sliced the front off (Ive never even heard or seen it happen before) or did he just slice you accidentaly... Now ive seen a jedi cut a guy on a speeder, they speeder just exploded and the guy died.}


yes the speder exploded and i died thats probably wat happenede

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I have been killed not by a Jedi but by other causes and it shows you lying there like usually but theres parts of the speeder lying around you. You could assume that the front was sliced off but all it really shows is your speeder blowing up and you dying.

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